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Ahead 5A Drumsticks

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Ahead 5A Drumsticks

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  • 16-inch length drum sticks with a 0.54-inch diameter
  • Designed for heavy hitters
  • Built-in vibration reduction system
  • Replaceable polyurethane covers and tips

The Ahead 5A Drumsticks are designed to aid and survive the strikes of heavy hitters with many purpose-built benefits. The most important of these features is the built-in vibration reduction system, which ensures every hit matters as they provide 50% less shock than conventional wooden sticks, resulting in a heavier hit from less effort. They also last six to ten times longer than wooden sticks and cause less damage to cymbals.

As Ahead 5A Drumsticks are created with a precision alloy core there is lot less discrepancy than in their wooden counterparts, with balance and weight variations of less than 1%, compared to the 20% of wood. The super hard polyurethane tips and covers of the Ahead 5A Drumsticks can be replaced to protect your sticks and other gear.


  • Some nice features but ends up costing more in the long run

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    Posted on 04/09/2012 by

    When reading about these sticks when they first came out, and the fact that Ahead did a very clever marketing ploy securing loads of endorsements with some of the most well-known rock drummers on the planet thrown in for good measure, I couldn't help but think that these were a good idea. And yes, they are nice sticks in terms of balance and feel, plus you can even go as far as changing the tips to suit you sound. However, with the replacement carbon fibre covers going for around £7 a pop, added to the fact that these sticks don't last very long at all if you're a hard hitter, you will probably find that you'll end up going back to the trusty old maple/hickory sticks.

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