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Ashdown MAG-300H EVO III Head - 307 Watt

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Ashdown MAG-300H EVO III Head - 307w

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  • 307 watts of power
  • 5 band equaliser
  • Built in compression control
  • VU meter
  • 15dB of cut and boost at 220Hz and 1.6kHz

With four years of the current MAG Series under their belt, Ashdown have taken the decision to makes some updates. While retaining everything that is so loved about the series and made it so popular they have simply added extra to the series to give you even more for your money.

Fully arming you up for medium-sized venues the Ashdown MAG-300H EVO III Head offers up a massive 307 watts of fan-cooled RMS power. Features of the head include an overdrive control, which can be dialled in with an onboard knob or activated via a single latching footswitch. The Ashdown MAG-300H Head EVO III includes a staggering 5-band EQ with rotary bass, middle and treble controls alongside two smaller rotary controls (Lo Mid & Hi Mid) offering 15dB of cut and boost at 220Hz and 1.6kHz.

In addition to these the Ashdown MAG-300H Head arms up with two push switches. These are: Bright, which gives extra attack to your sound, and Deep, which gives more warmth. If low-end response is your desire the sub-harmonic generator can up the ante of your tone instantly. This version of the Ashdown MAG 300H Head also includes a built-in compression rotary knob for precise sonic control.

The Ashdown MAG-300H EVO 3 Head is ready for anything you can throw at it with a plethora of inputs/outputs. If your instrument is active or passive you are catered for with individual inputs for each. Effects send and return is offered, as is a tuner/line output and a balanced DI output, for hooking up directly to a mixer.

  • Best Amp for the money

    Overall Rating
    Posted on 22/06/2012 by

    In my opinion, just the best bass head available for the money. Great tone and very versatile with a great usable feature set, you get deep/bright switches, onboard compressor, sub octave, DI, great 5 band EQ and the very cool VU meter of course! Would totally recommend this for someone who wants a great amp from a top company but doesn't have lots of money.

  • Brilliant

    Overall Rating
    Posted on 08/06/2012 by

    I play bass in several different bands, each requiring different styles and sounds, the Ashdown's tone controls are amazing, and you can accurately shape your sound from anywhere between a low bass rumble or a John Entwhistle-esque treble attack - just the slightest of movement will make the most massive difference.

    The sub-octave function is undoubtedly my favourite feature on the entire amp. Whenever I put that button on, there's no subtlety in my use of this feature. I generally keep it somewhere between 3 o’clock or full on for an almost synth-style punch along with your basslines.

    The volume from this head is unbelievable; I've never had to turn it past one to clear the room of elderly women complaining of the noise. The extra seven watts really make the difference.

    The amp boasts two separate Active and Passive inputs, though I rarely deviate from passive. I tend to use the second input for a mic, we're always pushed for amp space in cramped rehearsal rooms.

    The DI out function tends not to have much use for your average Joe, but is very handy when working with home recordings, or to save the engineers having to mic up your amp.

    The only bad point I see to this amp is its lack of "Headphone Out", but for an amp of this volume, it would seem a little silly to include one.

    10/10, amazing amplifier, and I couldn't ask for any more.

  • Ideal Workhorse

    Overall Rating
    Posted on 31/05/2012 by

    With the 5-band EQ and the "deep" & "bright" presets it's possible to create any sound that comes to mind, from a growling thunder to a flat and rich jazz sound. What surprised me most was the effect of every single knob of the EQ. Turning each one slightly up or down actually changes the sound a big deal. This way you can easily create your own distinctive sound or make subtle changes (With some cheap EQ's I feel like I'm just turning a few pointless knobs around without the slightest effect). Anyway, the front panel also features passive & active inputs, a compressor, an octaver (I love this), effects send & return and a D.I. out. Last but not least there's the mighty output knob, which is only turned up ever so slightly when I'm rehearsing at our lockup.
    A versatile amp that can be used in all sorts of gig set up.

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