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Blackstar ID:30 TVP Guitar Combo Amplifier

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Blackstar ID:30 TVP Guitar Combo Amplifier

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  • 30-watt guitar amplifier with 12-inch speaker
  • True Valve Power
  • Voice - select from 6 classic channels
  • 3-band EQ with patented ISF
  • 128 user storable patches
  • Multi effects - 4 x modulations, 4 x delays, 4 x reverbs
  • USB connectivity
  • GUI software
  • MP3/Line Input

Adding to the ID brand, the Blackstar ID30 combo is part of a groundbreaking range of amplifiers featuring unique control and tone shaping possibilities. Doing their best not to decrease from the feature set seen on larger ID series amps, Blackstar have kept the majority of features the same for excellent

Power Amp Valve Modelling - "True Valve Power"

One of the most notable and unique features of the Blackstar ID30 is the valve modelling technology that is on-board, dubbed "True Valve Power". This opens up six different types of valve, including immensely popular models seen in top of the range and boutique amplifiers, which when activated delivers the same power output as that valve and offers all of the characteristics (dynamics, sag etc.) which you would expect from that particular valve. The on-board valve models are: KT88, EL84, 6L6, 6V6, KT66 and EL34.

128 Programmable Presets

Allowing you to create and store your favourite sounds, the preset functionality of the Blackstar ID30 is hugely effective when performing live or practising. You can assign all of the amp controls plus the on-board effect settings into a preset that can be recalled for later use. Free software is also provided to edit and store patches when connected to a computer. The on-board effects are of extremely high quality and offer delay, modulation and reverb.

Six Channels

Sitting at the left hand side of the front panel you have the "Voice" control. This lets you choose one of six channels, offering a huge range of tones. The channels on offer are: Clean Warm, Clean Bright, Crunch, Super Crunch, OD 1 and OD 2. Obviously, this gives you a lot of opportunity to create individual and professional tones perfect for the music you're working on. Gain and volume controls let you match levels and get just the right amount of both while the EQ section offers bass, treble and the ISF control seen on other Blackstar amps. ISF stands for "Infinite Shape Feature" and lets you shape the whole sound of your amp. When at 0 the sound is similar to that of typical American amps, percussive and tight, while all the way up this dial gives you the warm and crunchy tone heard on many British amps. Giving the Blackstar ID:30 the ability to sound like a huge range of amps and also blend between them, ISF is an extremely notable feature that can be used very effectively.

Model ID:30 TVP Guitar Combo Amplifier
Type of AmpCombo
Wattage30 Watt
Amp Technology"True Valve Power" Modelling Technology
Controls Voice
Gain Level
Volume Level
EQ: Bass, Middle and ISF
Effects: Modulation, Delay and Reverb: Type and Level
Master: Volume
Effects 4 x modulations
4 x delays
4 x reverbs
Studio FeaturesSpeaker emulated output
Connectivity USB
MP3/Line Input
Unique Features 128 user storable patches
Built-in tuner
GUI software for deep editing, practice and sharing
Voice - select from 6 classic channels

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