Ashdown Amplifier Warranty now 5 Years

Ashdown Amplifier VU Meter

All Ashdown amplifier s now come with a 5-year limited warranty!

If there’s one thing more reassuring than the ground-shaking rumble of an Ashdown Amplifier behind you on stage, it’s the knowledge that it’s as solid as a rock. As retailers of this renowned British brand, we know through our experience that Ashdown amps can be counted on to deliver the goods time after time. However, so confident is Ashdown in the reliability of their products, that they are offering a whopping 5-year limited warranty!

Ashdown MiBass 220 110 Combo Bass Amp

Peace of mind, without minding the peace…

Founded by Mark Gooday, a former chief engineer at Trace Elliot, in 1997, Ashdown has steadily built an international following ever since. Initially designing and building bass amps, such as the MAG, and ABM range, the brand now produces acoustic amps, with sister brand Hayden the home to a wide range of superb guitar amps.

The bass amps are renowned for their warm, yet lively performance, a fact that hasn’t escaped their impressive roster of endorsees. Ranging from Pino Palladino to Guy Pratt to James Johnston (Biffy Clyro), the number of Ashdown amplifier s seen lurking at the back of the stage at gigs seems to increase daily.

Ashdown MAG C210T 300 EVO II Combo

For the bassist, the options range from the excellent all valve and dual tube models, to the gig-friendly MAG rangeand ultra compact MiBass head and combo, plus AAA practice amps, such as the Five Fifteen, not to mention the Electric Blue range. There is essentially, an Ashdown amplifier for every bassist…

With the reassurance of a 5-year limited warranty, you can own a piece of classic British design, confident that you’ll have backup from Ashdown in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong, leaving you to concentrate on the important bit- playing great music.

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