Versatile and Solid: The Best Gear For Buskers

Make It Portable, Make It Loud Busking is a right of passage for any performer worth their salt. Sure, you can play shows to cut your teeth, but if you really want to improve your presence, technique and ability to cope with setback then you really need to busk. See, when you busk, you’re playing… Read More

Gear DNA: Buddy Holly By Weezer

Getting The Sound From Weezer’s Breakthrough Track This is the first of a new series, where we’re going to break down a classic track for you from a musician’s point of view. Here though, we won’t be focusing on chord structures or time signatures. Oh no. Instead these articles will look at the gear, tones and… Read More

Different Types Of Multi-track Recording

Options for tracking your tunes While for many playing an instrument, and expressing yourself creatively, is the main factor behind being a musician there are times when you might want to record yourself. You may be writing your own original material. Perhaps you want to share your music with others. Whatever your reasons, creating your… Read More

How To Make Film Soundtracks

Cinematic sweeps for your visual masterpieces Music creation comes in many forms. As a player or composer you’ll likely want to break out of the more traditional forms of songwriting to experiment with something new at some stage. Film soundtracking offers a perfect opportunity to do just that. As a discipline, it is quite different… Read More

Getting Back Into Making Music

Sometimes we all need a break So music is your passion, but you’ve lost that loving feeling? Well then, consider this a paean to you. Here’s how I got back into making music. From playing my dad’s old Hendrix tapes and getting my first record (Guns n’ Roses, since you asked), through to the hours and hours… Read More

How To Make Hip Hop Beats

Fire in the booth As a genre, hip hop has become something altogether more sprawling and diverse than it was 20 years ago. Where the early pioneers favoured a simple setup involving little more than sampled sounds, turntables and microphones, nowadays producers have a wealth of instruments and technology with which they can create their beats…. Read More

How To Sound Like Hudson Mohawke

Electronic mastery from Scotland’s finest There’s always something interesting about an unassuming musical genius. Someone who doesn’t feel the need to flaunt their talent, yet who almost secretly has been responsible for some of the most high profile music out there. Hudson Mohawke fits that bill perfectly. The Scottish producer has amassed an extremely prolific… Read More

A Guide To The Best Fuzz Pedals

When ordinary gain isn’t enough Do you find modern distortion pedals too over the top? Or think amp-pushing overdrives are a bit passé? Does your tonal brief call for the strange, weird and wonderful? If so, then you might be better off considering our guide to the best fuzz pedals. About Fuzz For many, fuzz pedals… Read More

Differences Between Hardware And Software

Musical horses for courses If technology has done one thing for us, it’s to bring previously unattainable potential to the masses. Now, armed with just a laptop and an audio interface, you can produce music on a scale that was simply not possible in years gone by. At least not without some serious budget. Actually,… Read More

How to: Recording Audio For Vlogs

Stand out from the crowd with superior sound YouTube, you may have noticed, does not lack for contributors. As a free, open online resource, it’s second to none. You can think of pretty much any subject and someone, somewhere will have uploaded a clip of them talking, doing or showing something related to the subject…. Read More