How To Become A Music Producer

Tips on becoming a hotshot producer Tip #1 Decide what you want to be There are many different avenues into this world, and even more potential outcomes. However, perhaps the most important consideration is deciding which type of producer you want to be. Do you want to be known for excellence working in a specific genre? Or… Read More

How To Promote Your Music Online

Tips to make it happen online for your band So you’ve written the songs, put the hours in practicing and carefully recorded your music the way you want it to be heard. Your live shows are generating a bit of buzz and you’re perhaps now looking at how to promote your music online. In the… Read More

We Need To Talk About Fanned Frets

Best of all worlds? Like everything in popular culture, the guitar is occasionally subjected to fads. These ripples in the hype machine crop up and for a while, people begin questioning if what they thought they knew was true. We’ve seen it with modelling amps, tiny effect pedals and lunchbox heads. Even more occasionally, the… Read More

How Step Sequencers Are Changing Music

A step too far? We’ve spoken before on this blog about how music is now much more democratic these days. By this, we mean it is much easier for people who wouldn’t class themselves as musicians to start creating their own tunes using techniques which are perhaps different to how music was in the past…. Read More

How To Sing Metal Styles

 Scream if you wanna go faster It will come as no surprise to regular readers of the blog that this particular author is something of a metal-head. It’s not a blatant credibility-grab to say the first record I ever owned was Guns n’ Roses epic Use Your Illusion 2. Ever since I’ve been on a… Read More

Tips For Managing A Working Band

Tips for getting the show on the road People who don’t play in bands would, I assume, have a certain view on what life must be like for a working musician. Access to the latest gear, playing in front of adoring crowds every night, fully stocked riders with all the brown M&Ms removed…sounds like a pretty… Read More

Taming Your Amp Simulation Software

Deconstructing the digital beast Amp simulation software (aka amp sims) offer guitarists digital approximations of pretty much any sound you could feasibly think of, all from within your laptop or computer. By simply connecting your guitar to an audio interface, then into a computer running the right software, you can get close to more sounds than… Read More

Using Your Recording Studio As An Instrument

Unlocking the potential of your recording studio We all know the recording studio as the place to go when your tunes are written, your tones dialed in and your chops well practiced. You enter the studio environment with the goal of committing your tracks to record, giving them a polish and sending them off into… Read More

Orange Rocker 15 Review

Rebooted range shows its class It’s fair to say that Orange’s Tiny Terror amp changed the amplification landscape. Amp heads now commonly known as ‘lunchbox’ heads weren’t really a major thing until the British company launched its 15 watt box of tricks. Afterwards, they became fairly common. You could argue that the new trend towards… Read More

Best Amplifiers For Indie

Broad strokes for a broad genre Indie, for better or worse, is one of those catch-all terms which seems to cover a disproportionately wide base of musical styles. From its spiritual heyday in the 1990s, through to the bands we see now, we could all point out an indie band but could we truly nail… Read More