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Best Summer Songs - An Artist's Impression of a Summer Day...

The Best Summer Songs to make the sun shine (even if it’s pouring with rain)

When you live in the UK, it’s always handy to have a list of the best summer songs, for those moments (of which there are many…) when the weather is less than Summery. In these situations, a good summer song can trick you into thinking that it’s warmer and sunnier that it actually is…

So, to give you a head start, here are five of the best summer songs to add to a playlist…

Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves the Sunshine

Roy Ayers’ ‘Everybody Loves The Sunshine’ is a worthy addition to any summer playlist. This 1976 Jazz Funk classic can be used both in a literal way (when burning burgers on the Barbecue in a rare moment of blazing sun), and ironically (whilst covered in mud, sheltering in your tent at a festival). A worthy addition to any list of best summer songs.

The Beatles – Here Comes the Sun

George Harrison may have been sidelined as a songwriter in the Beatles a somewhat by the Lennon-McCartney partnership, but arguably, his songs were among the Beatles’ finest. ‘Here Comes the Sun’ is possibly his most well known, written one morning when he headed out into the gardens surrounding his house with Eric Clapton with an acoustic guitar. Beautiful stuff.

Supergrass – Alright

‘Alright’ is perhaps the defining summer song of the Britpop era. Released in July 19996 it stormed to number 2 in the UK charts, and firmly placed Supergrass at the heart of the Britpop scene. Carefree and breezy with the kind of infectious hooks that would be grating were it not for the slightly punk-fuzzed edge, this is still one of the best summer songs to this day. # Got some cash, got some wheels…#

Bob Marley and The Wailers – One Love

You could have a whole Bob Marley section, but for sheer ‘sunshine-power’, I guess ‘One Love’ just pips the others to the post if you have to pick just one. The climax to the Bob Marley and the Wailers album ‘Exodus’, recorded in London following the assassination attempt on Bob Marley’s life, it is an incredibly positive and optimistic note to close the album on.

Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince – Summertime

Hang on! Where are you going?! Yes, I understand this is probably seen as something of a guilty pleasure, but it’s a guilty pleasure for so many, I’m just going to come out and admit that I like it. There. I feel so much better now… It may be seen as something of a ‘novelty’ record, but even now, Will Smith and ‘Jazzy’ Jeff Townes paean to the perfect summer sounds remarkably fresh (no pun intended…) And, should you think this was a bit of a fluke, check out Jazzy Jeff’s production work for the likes of Jill Scott- amazing stuff. A track well deserving of a place on a best summer songs list. There, I’ve said it ;-)

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