Bizarre Music Memorabilia

Bizarre Music Memorabilia

The world of Bizarre Music Memorabilia gets odder every day- here some of it’s weirder examples…

In the world of bizarre music memorabilia, nothing, it seems, is off limits. Whilst in the world of musical equipment, collectors are generally content with vintage or rare items (though the recent Les Paul auction had items that were of a slightly ‘mundane’ variety, alongside his excellent guitars), the average pop memorabilia collector is interested in items that are a whole lot murkier, it would seem.

No piece of discarded rubbish is off limits; even it was once a part of the artist in question. Quite why anyone would want to own these things is a subject for a whole thesis, and possibly a lifelong case study for a psychotherapist. But, here, for your viewing ‘pleasure’, is a selection of the most bizarre music memorabilia ever sold.

John Lennon’s tooth

Bizarre Music Memorabilia - John Lennon ToothThere are innumerable objects loosely connected to The Beatles that have sold for extraordinary money over the years (the door from The Beatles’ lawyer Nat Weiss’ office sold for $51,858 in 2005). This item was literally connected to a Beatle, however. Let’s face it, if I offered you a half rotten tooth for £10,000, you’d probably tell me I was nuts (after you’d stopped laughing).


This was John Lennon’s tooth, though, and anything he touched turned to gold (well, a sort of dirty yellow in this case…) I’d prefer his guitar, to be honest, but this is a classic piece of bizarre music memorabilia.

Bizarre Music Memorabilia - Elvis' Hair

Elvis Presley’s Hair

If there is a person that can top John Lennon for their memorabilia’s bank-ability, it’s The King, Elvis Presley. The sale of his guitars rarely seems to make it to press, but the sale of everything from empty pill bottles, to his draft card have been up for grabs (some, erm… ‘Entrepreneurial’ folk even tried to sell some of the tools used on his autopsy. I think I’ll pass on that…). In 2002, a lock of his hair sold for $115,000. ‘Thank y’very much’, he might have said is he’d been there.

Bizarre Music Memorabilia - Toenail clippings

Thom Yorke’s Toenail Clippings

Continuing the disturbing ‘biological’ theme for this collection of bizarre music memorabilia is the lead singer from the UK’s finest prog rock sonic explorers, Radiohead. According to legend, back in the late ‘90s, a fan was rummaged though Thom Yorke’s dressing room bin, and found his toenail clippings, later selling them online. I’m sure they look great in the owner’s presentation case. (*please note: the above image is of generic toenail clippings, and is in no way representative of Thom Yorke’s toenail clippings)

Bizarre Music Memorabilia - Stone Roses Atmosphere

The Stone Roses Heaton Park Gig Atmosphere

If you were not able to attend The Stone Roses huge homecoming gigs at Heaton Park, with this item, you can sample the atmosphere (well 10ccs at least). A fan claims he captured the atmosphere at 10pm, in a labelled medical jar. As a wise man once sung, # Foo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ools Gold…# Get yourself a nice Gretsch instead, eh?

Bizarre Music Memorabilia - Mogwai Pacemaker

Mogwai Pacemaker

And, we’re back on the biology theme… As critically acclaimed as Mogwai are, they could never be accused of being mainstream- in fact they are quite the opposite. So, as you might expect, there are no locks of hair, or autographed guitars here. What we do have is drummer Martin Bulloch’s pacemaker. This is arguably one of the most bizarre pieces of music memorabilia ever to be sold, and for a very good cause, too. Money raised was given to the British Heart Foundation. So, no cheeky comments about a drummer giving away his pacemaker…

There are a frightening number of examples of bizarre music memorabilia, and an even more frightening number of barmy fans willing to buy. But, each to their own, said the man as he kissed the horse…

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