Brett Domino, a Microkorg and a Cover of LMFAO

Brett Domino

LMFAO get the Brett Domino + Microkorg Treatment in the latest video from Sheffield’s finest

Brett Domino is quietly conquering the world with a Microkorg, it seems. The Sheffield based artist has gone from viral, underground hero to writing songs for Blue Peter’s best children’s book event in not much more than a year. His latest creation is a cover of LMFAO’s ‘I’m Sexy and I Know It’. The result of a challenge by the good folk at Korg UK, the result is, well, you’ll see for yourself…

Korg Microkorg

All you need is a Microkorg, Mini Kaoss Pad II and Kaossillator II

The challenge posed by Korg UK to Brett Domino was to record a cover of the LMFAO track using just a Microkorg, Mini Kaoss Pad II and Kaossillator II. This may seem a bit of a tall order, but wait until you hear it.

The Microkorg has, astonishingly, been available for ten years. Taking technology derived from the MS2000 synthesiser, and packing it into a tiny, portable unit with a vocoder, the Microkorg looks tiny, but sounds huge. It’s been at the heart of Brett Domino’s musical operations for some time, and a quick listen to his back catalogue shows just what a versatile wee beast it is.

Korg Kaossilator 2 - Brett Domino

The Kaossilator II takes the original synth/ looper in-my-pocket concept, and turns it into something far more serious. The touchpad is still used to input sounds, beats and effects, and the unit still overdubs one loop over another, but now a ‘crossfader’ ribbon control allows two loops to be faded between. Plus, loops can now be saved (hooray!) and the unit can record from external sources or a built in mic. This supplies the beats, amongst other things, in Brett Domino ‘s track.

Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2

The new Mini Kaoss Pad II, again, expands on the strengths of the original whilst retaining its strengths. With a wide range of effects controlled via touch-pad, it is still the ultimate portable performance effects unit (drafted in for the filtered drums on this Brett Domino track). It also benefits from an audio recorder with built-in mic and line input.

So there we are. All it takes to create LMFAO ‘s ‘I’m Sexy And I Know It’ is a Microkorg, a Kaossilator II and Mini Kaoss Pad II. Take it away, Brett Domino.

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