British Black Music Month

British Black Music Month

Black music has had such a major effect on the development of virtually all music today that it is extremely important to recognise the history and influence of black music in the UK, as well as celebrating the rich musical culture we have in Britain today.

The festival kicks off in London on Friday the 28th of May from 7-9pm with a launch incorporating a quiz, networking & performances, right up to the close on July 17 with the African Crafts & Records Fair, which will include an open mic session outdoors, on indoors if rain is forecast!

The launch event is free and is being held at The Space, Willesden Green Library Centre, 95 High Road, Willesden Green, London NW10 2SF. For more information on British Black Music Month concerts, debates, workshops and other events visit the British Black Music website.

For younger readers, here is an over-simplified guide to music history:

Without original African music we would not have blues, latin music or gospel – without those styles we would not have rock & roll, jazz, electric blues, big band, funk or reggae – without those styles we would not have hard rock, Motown, dancehall, rap, pop, metal, dub-step and so much more…

Basically there would be no Rolling Stones, no Bob Marley, no Led Zepplin, no Stevie Wonder no Specials, no Hendrix, no Beatles, no Miles Davis, no Muse, no Slipknot, no Dr Dre, no Soweto Kinch, no Beyonce without the huge, lasting influence of centuries of black music.

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