Farida A-SR Steve Rothery Signature Acoustic Guitar

Farida A-SR Steve Rothery Signature Acoustic Guitar

The Farida A-SR Steve Rothery Signature extends the limited edition Farida artist guitar range

The Farida A-SR Steve Rothery signature model is the latest guitar to be announced as part of Farida ’s extremely limited edition artist range. The Marillion founder member and guitarist has, over his 35 years in the music business, become something of a prog rock legend. A true guitar hero, particularly within prog-rock circles, Steve (pictured above playing the A-SR at recent sessions recording at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios) is renowned for his distinctive clean tone, sustain and considered tonal playing style. With influences as diverse as Dave Gilmour, Jeff Beck and Joni Mitchell, Rothery’s melodic playing and clean picking are instantly recognisable.

Farida A-SR Steve Rothery Signature Acoustic Guitar

The development of the Farida A-SR

The aim of the Farida artist range, and thus the Farida A-SR, is to produce guitars in collaboration with respected artists, with the resulting instrument the fruit of both the artist’s extensive playing experience and knowledge, and Farida ’s incredible craftsmanship and technical know-how. With only two guitars announced so far, the results have been, quite simply, stunning.

Farida A-SR Steve Rothery Signature Acoustic Guitar

The production of the Farida A-SR Steve Rothery was aided in no small part by Steve’s extensive playing experience. Over the years, he has played countless great guitars. Farida Brand Manager Sam Salisbury told us, ‘Steve was a joy to work with.’ Having spent many years playing at the highest level, and with such experience of a wide range of fine instruments, he had a very clear idea of what he wanted from the start. According to Sam, he had ‘…so many ideas to bring to the table, having played so many fine instruments over the years, that the rough sketch for his model came together incredibly fast’.

Farida A-SR Steve Rothery Signature Acoustic Guitar

Small body and tasteful understated aesthetics

A smaller instrument than the Frank Turner model discussed in this blog previously, the Farida A-SR is an equally impressive instrument. Based around a smaller A shaped body, at Steve’s instruction, the guitar has a big, full tone that belies its small size.

As might be expected from a guitarist of his stature, he had a clear idea of the sort of tone he desired from the guitar. As a result, the Farida A-SR is constructed with a premium spruce top, delivering bright, focussed clarity, and rosewood back and sides, adding the warm, rich low-end harmonics. The guys at Farida suggested a satin finish for the body, freeing the wood from a thick lacquer, and providing additional volume.

Aesthetically, the Farida A-SR Steve Rothery is beautifully understated. A Celtic knot features on the front of the headstock, with Steve’s signature on the rear.

Farida A-SR Steve Rothery Signature Acoustic Guitar

Fishman Ellipse Blend onboard preamp

The Farida A-SR is equipped with premium electronics, ensuring that the guitar sounds just as great plugged in as acoustically. Equipped with a Fishman Ellipse Blend, the A-SR allows the player to blend between a more traditional under-saddle pickup, and an adjustable, sound-hole microphone, for the perfect tonal balance for whatever project you are working on.

Farida A-SR Steve Rothery Signature Acoustic Guitar

The Farida A-SR is a truly stunning addition to the artist range. Here’s what you get, in a nutshell:

  • Co-designed by Steve Rothery – shaped by the legendary Marillion guitarist’s input
  • Spruce Top and Solid Rosewood Back and sides – for focused yet rich tone
  • Small, ‘A’ style body with satin finish
  • Celtic Knot logo
  • Fishman Ellipse Aura preamp – blend between saddle pickup and soundhole microphone
Fishman Logo

Like the Frank Turner model, only 25 of these stunning guitars are to be produced, each individually numbered. Sam Salisbury told us a bit more about the thinking behind the limited nature of the range:

“We believe this guitar is a fantastic design, and gives fans a chance to benefit from all Steve’s experience and input, and also share in a very special, unique project. The guitar is priced at £1199, though the spec sheet and quality could carry a much larger price tag, this is not an exploitation exercise in squeezing fans of their cash, but in creating 25 very special instruments, fairly priced, to become collectables of the future.”

Order online here or for more information, call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420).

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