Farida D8-X OP – The Best Beginner Guitar Available?

Farida D8-X OP Acoustic Guitar

The new Farida D8-X OP delivers incredible performance at a ‘beginner’ sized price

The new Farida D8-X OP is a great demonstration of why Farida is one of the UK’s fastest growing guitar brands. It continues a bit of a ‘golden’ year for the brand, which has seen limited edition signature acoustic models for Frank Turner and Steve Rothery, with a signature electric guitar for Two Door Cinema Club’s Sam Halliday (see recently on trailer for new album, ‘Beacon’, and played on the stages of major festivals across the world) coming soon.

Whilst the Farida D8-X OP is priced for the beginner, it’s tone and sheer playability will no-doubt see it appeal to a far greater audience…

Sitka spruce top, great tone, small price

The Farida D8-X OP is a testament to the fact that the same ingredients can result very different end products in different hands. The guitar is a fairly standard dreadnought body shape, constructed with a laminated sitka spruce top, and rotary mahogany back and sides. This is matched with a mahogany neck and sonokelin fingerboard. A satin finish adds slightly unusual twist for a guitar at this price.

You could be forgiven for thinking this was just a typical beginner guitar. To play, however, the Farida D8-X OP is an absolute treat. The neck seems slimmer, somehow, than many guitars in its price bracket, with a nice, easy playing action. For a beginner, this means that more effort is going into actually learning to play, and not learning to ‘tame’ the quirks of the guitar (an issue with many beginners’ guitars, but not here).

Tonally, the Farida D8-X OP sounds great. Balanced, with great projection, and bright, sweet ‘sprucey’ top end, you could easily believe you playing a guitar of a far higher cost (and you’d still be more than happy with your purchase if it was).

Show me the money…

So, we’ve established that the Farida D8-X OP is a great performer, and you’ve gathered that I think that it’s a truly unbeatable buy. But ‘value’ is all relative, and you may be asking just how much it will cost you to own one. Currently (as of 20/07/2012) the D8-X OP is priced at just £139.99. It’s hard to get across just what a bargain this is- you simply have to play it.

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