Fender Greta Amplifier Launched at NAMM

Fender Greta Amplifier

The wonderfully retro Pawnshop range continues with the Fender Greta Amplifier

The Fender Greta Amplifier, the latest in Fender ’s Pawnshop range, is one of the most unique looking products to have been launched at this years NAMM show. The word ‘retro’, perhaps, does not really do justice to the Greta, but this isn’t just an ornament. This is an all valve, ‘Table-top’ amp. It just happens to have been built inside one of the craziest, most unique, and distinctive amp cabinets ever devised.

Built in VU Meter

The first thing that strikes anyone who sees the Fender Greta is how it looks. Looking like the offspring of a ‘50s radio and a ‘50s hot-rod, the Greta oozes retro cool. Constructed with a wooden front and back, finished in bright red, with contrasting metal sides and top, the rounded-corner design has the appearance of an item born to play Jerry Lee Lewis or Elvis.

The Fender Greta ‘s 4″ custom design speaker is driven by a 2 watt, all valve amplifier, which features a 12AX7 per-amp valve and a 12AT7 at the output. The amp features a ¼” jack instrument input, with separate ¼” jack line output, which allows the unit to be used as a preamp for other amps, and a ¼” jack speaker output for connecting to a separate speaker cabinet. In addition, a mini jack line input allows MP3 players or iPods to be streamed into the unit. For further tweaking the tone, a single tone control features alongside the master volume. The retro vibe is finished nicely with a VU meter and Gold ‘Greta’ name badge.

Despite being a product that could be considered quite ‘left-field’, the Fender Greta is brimming with vintage charm, and has aesthetics which wouldn’t make it out of place in a retro themed living room (an emergency amp on the mantelpiece, anyone?)

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