Fender Sonoran SCE Thinline Review

Fender Sonoran SCE Thinline Review

It adds a new, slimmer option to the California range, but does it deliver? Read on to find out in our Fender Sonoran SCE Thinline review

The Fender Sonoran SCE Thinline is a new addition to Fender’s California range of acoustic guitars. Taking the original Sonoran as a template, this Sonoran provides a sleeker, slimline alternative, without sacrificing any of its distinctive looks or performance. The Thinline is aimed at those looking for something a little more manageable than a dreadnought, but with a classic Fender appearance, evocative of hot rods and California beaches…

Does it provide ‘full-fat’ performance, or is all a bit ‘slimline’? We find out in our Fender Sonoran SCE Thinline review.

Just 3” Deep!

Fender Sonoran SCE Thinline Review

The Fender Sonoran Thinline looks, from the front at least, very similar to a standard Sonoran. With a cutaway dreadnought body shape, constructed with a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides, it can be seen it shares many key features of its older sibling. A quick look at the guitar from the side, however, reveals that it is just 3” in depth.

Fender Sonoran SCE Thinline Review

Thin indeed, and ideal for anyone who finds the deeper dreadnought, or jumbo body style a little uncomfortable. The Sonoran SCE Thinline ‘s neck is a maple, ‘C’ profile, bolt on Stratocaster design, finished with a 20-fret fingerboard and a Stratocaster headstock. A checkerboard rosette adds a further retro flourish to the guitar’s look.

In terms of aesthetic, there’s a lot to like here. The mahogany back has some really nice figuring, which is contrasted nicely by the white binding. Though the cutaway dreadnought design is fairly standard these days, it takes on a slightly different ‘feel’ when considered with the guitar’s distinctive neck. This is classic Fender, and gives the Sonoran a look that nods toward Fender’s heritage in electric guitars. It looks cool, too…

Fender Sonoran SCE Thinline Review

The Sonoran Thinline is ready equipped for live performance, coming complete with a Fishman Isys pickup system, ideal for plugging into an amp or PA system, with EQ and a very convenient tuner.

In Use

Fender Sonoran SCE Thinline Review

The dimensions of the SCE Thinline are more akin to those of a solid, or semi-hollow electric guitar, and as such, when you strum you half expect the acoustic tone to be a little thin. However, this little guitar punches well above its weight, with a really surprisingly full and warm tone. This is in contrast to a great many thin bodied acoustic guitars, where often, the aim to offer great ‘plugged-in’ tone. powerful, rounded and punchy, the Thinline is a satisfying guitar to strum, with a tone that lends itself quite well to picking styles.

The neck has the familiar ‘just so’ feel of a Strat, though it’s a little strange to play this neck with an action that is much higher, and far higher gauge strings. Overall, however, it’s really nice to play ann acoustic guitar with this kind of neck. the headstock looks amazing, too…

Fender Sonoran SCE Thinline Review

The slim body will no doubt appeal hugely to smaller players, but is actually a bit of a treat for anyone. If you’re the kind of guitarist who typically plays an electric, you may well find the SCE Thinline is a great choice, being less of a dramatic change in size than a typical acoustic.

The Fishman Isys is a nice addition to this guitar, and captures its character well. The three band EQ provides enough control for most situations, and the on-board tuner (though limited) is very useful.


With a great set of features, such great looks, and all in such a slimline design, the Fender Sonoran SCE Thinline looks set to win many fans. You may think a thinline guitar isn’t for you, but this lovely thing has far broader appeal that you might think.

With a big acoustic sound, great pre-amp and stunning looks, the Fender Sonoran SCE Thinline is ray of Californian sunshine.

Order online here, or for more information, call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420).

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