Quinn Sullivan Plays at Fender Visitor Centre Opening

Fender Visitors CenterFender Open New Visitor Centre at their legendary California Headquarters

The legendary Californian guitar manufacturer has opened the doors of the new Fender Visitor centre, with events featuring a performance by Quinn Sullivan and Buddy Guy.

. Based in Corona, California, the 8.600 square foot visitor centre features rare, archival footage and photos, alongside displays demonstrating the evolution of the electric guitar, a Hall of Fame, and, of course, a tribute to the man himself, Leo fender. As you might imagine, there is no shortage of legendary guitarists eager to contribute to the displays at the Fender Visitor Centre, and, with displays featuring the reflections on Fender ‘s long history in music, it’s a very welcome contribution that these players make. Coinciding with the new Visitor Centre, Fender have opened the doors of one of their production facilities (adjacent to the centre) for the first time in the company’s 65 years of business, allowing members of the general public to see, for the first time, the techniques involved to produce their iconic guitars, including the Fender Custom Shop.

Quinn Sullivan and Buddy Guy Perform at Grand Opening

When the Fender Visitor Centre opened last week, to celebrate this momentous occasion in the company’s history, Fender had something of a party (well, it was actually a week of events- they’re very happy to have the place open!). There were some very well known players there, including on the stage, but a highlight was Buddy Guy playing with incredible, 12 year old blues axe-slinger, Quinn Sullivan. (Remember that name- we’re likely to be hearing it a lot more of it in the future…). Quinn has been making waves since the tender age of 6, when he performed on the Ellen Degeneres show. Since then he has performed on the Oprah Winfrey show, and the Today show. Having played blues with Buddy Guy on a Number of Occasions, Quinn was not intimidated by the size of the event. So, without further ado, here’s a clip of Buddy Guy and Quinn Sullivan doing what they do best- playing blues. And next time you’re thinking of skipping practice, think of young Mr. Sullivan. Twelve years old! Jeez…



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