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The Focusrite VRM Box is one of the most innovative music technology products to appear in the last 12 months. The unit is an audio interface/ headphone amp, capable of modelling the characteristics of a range of studio monitors and speakers through headphones. This means that when the time comes to mix a track, you have an arsenal of classic monitors and other speakers to use to critically assess your production.

Need to ‘listen in’ to those troublesome mids? Switch the VRM Box to the Yamaha NS10 setting, and get an honest (and occasionally brutal…) indication of what is happening. Need to hear how your mix will sound on a tiny set of desktop multimedia speakers, or through a pair of high quality hi-fi speakers? The Focusrite VRM Box has settings for each. The three different ‘listening environments’ included are ‘living room’, ‘bedroom studio’ and ‘professional studio’, each with carefully modelled ambience, and each with an appropriate selection of monitors to choose from. The available speaker models include KRK VXT8s, Genelec 8031s, Auratones and more.

Focusrite VRM Box

Cutting Edge Convolution Modelling

There are a number of common misconceptions about the Focusrite VRM Box. Firstly, it is often assumed that the box simply applies an EQ curve, appropriate to the speaker, to give the impression of a different speaker performance. This is not the case.

The VRM Box employs convolution-modelling techniques, similar to those developed for the Liquid Mix and Liquid Channel (now seen in the Liquid Saffire 56). The response of each speaker was accurately measured, as was each listening environment, then mathematical models created of each, such that they mimic real speakers and rooms. Unlike a simple EQ curve, this means that the speaker models replicate the more subtle differences in way each responds (to transients, for instance), which is far more crucial in many ways.

To get the most out of Focusrite VRM Box, the headphones with the ‘flattest’ response should be used (KRK KNS8400s are a great choice). However, to hear exactly what the VRM Box can to for you, Focusrite have created this superb online interactive demo, which allows the listener to switch between speaker models and compare.

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