FREE Headphones with Digital Pianos

eStudio Hi-Fi Headphones HF100

Dawsons are offering FREE headphones with a huge range of digital pianos!

For a limited time, Dawsons music are offering FREE headphones with a huge range of our digital pianos. Digital pianos have evolved in recent years, from being a compromise solution for a player for whom an acoustic piano is not a viable option, to being an instrument that has very few shortfalls when compared to its acoustic counterpart, and in fact, has a huge number of benefits. An acoustic piano requires regular tuning and maintenance, needs specialists to move it, and can be drastically affected by changes in humidity and temperature (possibly leading to more tuning and maintenance). A digital piano, on the other hand, needs no tuning (some can even alternative Arabic tunings or transposition at the touch of a button), no servicing, and can be easily moved or transported without affecting the performance of the instrument.

Yamaha CLP440 Clavinova Satin Black

Practice in peace

Another key benefit of the digital piano is its suitability for quiet practice. With a volume control, and, crucially, one or more headphone sockets, the digital piano can be used for practice at any time of the day or night, without disturbing others. For those who work regular, daylight hours, this can mean that practice can always be carried out at a time that is convenient for you (and not just when the neighbours/ housemates/ family are out…), so that progress can be made more quickly.

To help those ‘night-owl’ late night players, and to help those who just want to play as much as possible without disturbing fellow residents, Dawsons are offering a free pair of headphones with a huge range of digital pianos! This range encompasses just about every upright digital piano we sell, with all major models from Yamaha, Roland, Kawai and Korg included. The headphones themselves are the superb Essentials HF100 headphones, worth £39.99. These open back headphones offer excellent sound reproduction, ensuring that the subtleties of your performance will not be ‘lost in translation’.

The qualifying pianos, which are all upright digital pianos, state that they qualify for this offer on their respective product pages.

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