Gary Moore Visits Manchester and bags a Rat

gary-moore-21Gary Moore stopped off at our Manchester store the other day when he was in town to play the Manchester Apollo as part of his world tour which goes from the UK, over to Spain and then on to Germany, over the next 3 months. While in the Manchester shop, Gary had no hesitations and went straight for a Pro-Co RAT 2 and the Marshall Bluesbreaker. One thing he didn’t bother trying out was the Gibson Gary Moore Signature Les Paul BFG that the Manchester store had on the wall. The BFG is perhaps the mightiest and most extreme Les Paul to ever leave a Gibson factory.

He also signed Manchester’s ‘Famous People’ telecaster (pictured). This Fender Tele has been signed by a number of music’s luminaries including recent names such as Graham Coxon from Blur who bought a couple of packs of D’addario 10’s while on a visit to Manchester’s Lowry centre to play with the Under One Sky collective.  Also Nick McCabe from the Verve signed the guitar when he treated himself to a Line 6 Echo Park and PSU. He was joining a friend who was playing at the Night and Day cafe.


  1. He thought he was on Merseyside…… But if you are in Manchester and goes to Germany and Spain….. It must be a World Tour?????