Gibson Joe Bonamassa ES-335 – Coming Soon

Gibson Joe Bonamassa ES-335

The Gibson Joe Bonamassa ES-335 recreates the revered bluesman’s vintage Dot

The Gibson Joe Bonamassa ES-335 is the latest signature model to be produced to bear the name of, arguably, the most talked about blues guitarist in recent years. The Bonamassa musical Juggernaut shows no signs of slowing, but then, when you consider he was opening shows for B.B. King at the age o0f 12, this hardly comes as a surprise… A man famed for his love of classic vintage guitars, and the staggering number he owns, one of the standout instruments in his collection is his prized 1961 ES-335. A stunning early example of this landmark Gibson model, this is the kind of guitar that makes guitar fans drool. Luckily, Gibson has made an accurate recreation of this amazing instrument, and Dawsons are due to receive some of them, just as soon as they are released!

Accurately recreated neck profile

The Gibson Joe Bonamassa ES-335 ‘s inspiration comes from a point very early in the Dot’s history (the guitar first appeared in 1958). Constructed from laminated maple, the 335 is semi hollow, with a solid maple block running through the centre. The Joe Bonamassa ES-335 follows this template, but is constructed with spliced plain maple/ poplar/ maple 3-ply laminate for the top, back and sides.

Like many of Gibson ‘s signature models, the original source guitar is recreated in detail. The neck profile of the Joe Bonamassa 335 copies that of his own guitar accurately. After measurement it was discovered that this was 0.050” thinner than a standard ’59 round profile. The neck is constructed from a single piece of mahogany, with rosewood fingerboard, and those famous dot inlays.

The pickups equipped to the Gibson Joe Bonamassa ES-335 are two ’57 Classic Humbuckers- the pickup models that replicate the original P.A.F. models that appeared on early Gibson ‘s. These are wired via Bonamassa’s chosen CTS pots, with a 3-way pickup selector switch, complete with the sought-after ‘bumblebee’ capacitors. An ABR-1 Tune-o-matic bridge provides further vintage detail, with a lightweight aluminium stopbar behind, and vintage tulip TonePro tuners.

To ensure further authenticity, the Joe Bonamassa ES-335 features a VOS finish, in a Vintage Sunburst specific to this guitar, that replicates the vintage fading of Bonamassa’s own.

Here’s a summary of the Gibson Joe Bonamassa ES-335 ‘s key details:

  • Recreation of Joe Bonamassa’s ES-335 – an accurate copy of the ’61 ES-225 he owns
  • Semi hollow body – maple/ poplar/ maple 3-ply laminate top, back and sides with a solid maple central block
  • Accurate neck profile – mahogany, 1 piece neck with accurate neck profile, slimmer than standard ’59 round profile, and holly wood headstock veneer
  • Rosewood fingerboard – 22-frets complete with dot inlays
  • ’57 Classic Humbuckers – replicate P.A.F. vintage tone, wired via ‘bumblebee’ capacitors, CTS pots and a 3-way selector switch
  • Unique finish – Vintage sunburst specific to the Gibson Joe Bonamassa ES-335
  • Complete with custom shop case

All of the Joe Bonamassa signature models have proved to be hugely popular, and it seems likely that the Joe Bonamassa ES-335 will be no different. If you would like to get your hands of one of these stunning guitars, call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420) to pre-order.

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