Gibson Pro Audio Division Formed

Gibson Pro Audio

US Guitar Giant, Gibson, has launched a Pro Audio Division

This week, news reached us that a Gibson Pro Audio Division has been formed. Acquiring the Stanton group of companies, Gibson is now owner of KRK Systems, responsible for the studio monitors we all know and love, Stanton DJ, the US company who made the first easily replaceable turntable stylus, and in more recent years, known as a market leading supplier of DJ equipment, and loudspeaker and PA manufacturer Cerwin Vega.

Les Paul Goldie 23

The announcement of the Gibson Pro Audio division may seem surprising, from a company who, through iconic instruments such as the Les Paul, SG and ES-335, is synonymous with guitars, but this is not the first time Gibson has extended their range to include products other than guitars. In 2001, Gibson acquired the Baldwin Piano Company, for example.
CEO Henry Juszkiewicz has stated that the creation of the Gibson Pro Audio Division is primarily to extend the companies ‘reach’ further than players of musical instruments. Gibson ‘s recent forays into cutting edge technology would suggest that cross-brand ‘pollination’, and technology sharing could well be a possibility on future products. Only time will tell, however.

Whatever the long-term plans are for the Gibson Pro Audio Division, the KRK Stanton DJ and Cerwin Vega brands are now under the umbrella of one of the most prestigious and respected instrument manufacturers in the history of music, and the future looks very interesting indeed…

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