Guitar Repairs In Leeds

Guitar Repairs Leeds - Gordon White With Emmylou Harris

Dawsons Leeds now offers professional guitar repairs on-site, courtesy of renowned guitar repairer, Gordon White

Finding a music shop that offers guitar repairs in-store is becoming increasingly difficult. Whilst many might offer re-strings or set-ups, or even may be able to send instruments away to a luthier, there are very few that have an experienced professional on hand to cast an eye over a guitar.

An in-store luthier is the ideal situation, as they can instantly let you know exactly what is required to get it back to its best (or alternatively, if it’s modification you require, what it would take to make your instrument perfect).

Now, our store in Leeds can offer just that, with Gordon White, guitar repairer to some of the UK’s most renowned and respected musicians, now working from the store on Vicar Lane.

Guitar Repairs Leeds - Gordon White

From Jon Gomm’s, To Noel Gallagher’s, to Richard Hawley’s, to your guitar

Gordon’s guitar repairs operation is better name by the name ‘Single Coil Guitar Repairs’. Under this name, he’s established himself as the first stop for an embarrassment of famous guitarists, when their instruments need tweaking of fixing.

Guitar Repairs Leeds - Gordon White

A quick glance at his website here reveals that Gordon has performed guitar repairs for everyone from Noel Gallagher, to Richard Hawley, and Jon Gomm to Duane Eddy. And, if you bring in your own guitar for work with him, it will be treated with exactly the same care and attention as these renowned players.

Guitar Repairs Leeds - Gordon White - Richard Hawley's Guitar

The team at Leeds are understandably very excited to have a craftsman of such skill and experience on the premises (in part, because their own guitars will be fine-tuned and tweaked by Gordon… 😉 ).

Guitar Repairs Leeds - Gordon White

Speaking about the store’s new resident, Manager, Rick Manning, stated,

“We are delighted to welcome professional guitar repairer Gordon White to our team at Dawsons Leeds. Gordon has 25 years of working miracles in his workshop, and regularly tours with a plethora of rock legends as a backstage guitar technician. He’s also a thoroughly pleasant bloke, which takes some doing considering every time he picks up the phone it’s to deal with something that’s broken, buzzing or smashed…”

“Gordon will spend most of his time in his new on-site workshop, which is away from the distractions of our busy shop floor, where he can spend his time making your instrument every bit as good as it can be. We also look forward to being able to professionally set-up every guitar and bass we sell, making Dawsons Leeds a store to buy from with even more confidence”.

“Please feel welcome to call in store with any repair or set-up requirements you may have.”

Guitar Repairs Leeds - Gordon White - Bill Nelson's Campbell

For more information about Gordon’s services, click the link here.

Dawsons Leeds can be contacted on 0113 2031470, with full location details here.

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