Korg Microkey Keyboard Range Expands

Korg MicroKEY Range

The Korg Microkey keyboard range grows, with the addition of a 25-key and 61-key version

The Korg Microkey range is set to grow, with two new models added to the line-up. The original, 37-key version is now joined by a 25-key version, and a 61-key version. These continue the tradition of simple, compact and high quality controller keyboards, but add some new features of their own…

Korg MicroKEY Range

Connect to an iPad

The Korg Microkey range is ideal for those using the Apple iPad to create music. The iPad is fast becoming an essential part of many musicians’ recording set-up. Although the touchscreen is a very versatile interface for all manner of musical functions, it’s not ideal for playing notes into a sequencer or controlling soft-synths. All of the keyboards in the Microkey range can be connected to the iPad, providing a true velocity sensitive controller for any compatible software apps (25-key version requires iPad camera connection kit).

Korg MicroKEY Range

Each keyboard in the Microkey range features the same natural-touch mini-keyboard, albeit with differing keyboard lengths. The 61-Key and 37-key Microkey models feature separate pitch and modulation wheels, whilst the 25-key version has a pitch/ mod joystick. All feature octave shift and transpose controls, but the 25-key model has an additional arpeggiator button, along with a sustain/ tap button.

For those looking at the 61-key Korg Microkey, you will be pleased to find out that this now comes complete with a license for the ‘Korg Legacy Collection Special Bundle’. This plug-in bundle contains software recreations of several classic Korg synthesisers. For those integrating the Microkey into a setup with limited USB ports, the 37-key and 61-key versions feature dual USB ports, so that additional USB devices (such as a Nanopad, for example) can be ‘daisy-chained’ to the keyboard.

Here are the Korg Microkey range’s main features:

  • Slim, compact design – ideal for home studios, and easy transport
  • Velocity sensitive keyboard – natural-touch, mini-keys
  • Octave shift and transpose controls – easily access the full keyboard range
  • Pitch and modulation controls – separate wheels on the 37 and 61-key versions, with a single joystick on the 25-key version
  • Arpeggiator, and sustain/ tap functions (25-key only)
  • Korg Legacy Collection Special Bundle – 61-key only
  • Compatible with iPad – camera connection kit required for 25-key version
  • Plug and Play USB connection
  • 25, 37 and 61-key models available.

Order online here or for more information, call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420).

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