Korg Monotribe and Korg Wavedrum Mini Spotted With Brett Domino…

Whilst there are many great instruments produced at any point in time, a great instrument remains, merely, a great instrument, until it is picked up by a genius. Then it becomes iconic.

Think Jimi Hendrix, and you think of a Fender Strat. Jimmy Page and his Les Paul are synonymous. John Lennon’s Rickenbacker 325 is almost (not quite, though…), as big as, er… he is.

So, as you might image, I write with great excitement to share with just such a moment. Here, Internet legend Brett Domino gets to grips with the Korg Monotribe, and the Korg Wavedrum Mini. If you haven’t come across these instruments before, allow me to tell you a little about them…

Korg MonotribeThe Monotribe is an analogue monosynth and analogue drum machine with a built in sequencer. Yes, you read correctly, it’s ALL ANALOGUE!! For the unfamiliar, what this means is that it’s based on the same technology as all of the classic synths of yesteryear (specifically, Korg’s own MS20), and results in the fattest, warmest, and thickest synth sounds you’ll hear. And, if you’re disappointed at the lack of any MIDI connections, don’t be dismayed. Its onboard sync works perfectly even with the output from your chosen software sequencer’s metronome – it really is as simple as that. And, at £165.83, this could be bargain of the year.

Korg Wavedrum Mini

The Korg Wavedrum Mini is an electronic percussion synthesiser that allows you to loop high quality percussion sounds over one another to create amazing, complex patterns. Via its sensor clip, it also allows, potentially, any object to become a percussion surface, as demonstrated in this very video. This is cool. And, it can be yours for £249.16. This is very cool.

So, here’s the video in question, Brett Domino performing Katy Perry and Kanye West’s E.T. In the future, you can say to friends, family, perhaps grandkids, that you remember the moment that the Korg Monotribe and Korg Wavedrum Mini were made icons, and became part of musical folklore. And if you want to own a share of this momentous musical moment (perhaps something to show the grandkids?) call our stores or customer service team now.

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