Looking for the Best Beginner Guitar?

Updated 06/12/2016

Looking for the best beginner guitar to spend your hard-earned cash on? Look no further. Here’s our pick of the best beginner acoustic, bass and electric guitars.

Best Beginner Acoustic Guitars

Farida D-8X OP Acoustic Guitar

Best Beginner Guitar - Farida D8 Guitar

Farida may not be a household name yet, but they have been building guitars for some of the world’s biggest guitar brands for decades. The D8-X OP is a dreadnought body shape, with a laminated sitka spruce top (the piece of wood which forms the top of the guitar. i.e. the bit with the hole in it) and laminated mahogany back and sides, it delivers the kind of tone you’d expect from a guitar many times its cost. Unusually, perhaps for a guitar of this price, it has a satin finish.

Designed with the student guitarist in mind, the Farida D8X-OP features a slim profile neck, with low string action for comfort and playability. Whilst it has an unfussy, straightforward finish, and minimal unnecessary trim, the build quality of the Farida is exceptional for a guitar at this price point.

Epiphone EJ200CE

Epiphone EJ200CE natural

Epiphone, sister company to Gibson, produce a range of excellent acoustic guitars, and the Epiphone EJ200 is consistently one on the most popular guitars around. A jumbo body style, the EJ200 is stylistically based on Gibson’s legendary J200 range of guitars. With a spruce top and maple back and sides, the Epiphone EJ200 provides excellent projection and tone for guitarists that have a strumming playing style. The average beginner guitar has a tendency to be a bit, well, plain. The EJ200 bucks the trend in this respect, being very nearly a as pretty as its Gibson counterpart, but at a fraction of the cost, this is the ideal beginner guitar for a player who wants to get noticed.

Epiphone AJ-220S

Epiphone AJ-220S Acoustic Guitar - Natural

The Epiphone AJ-220s is one of the most popular beginner we sell. It has great construction, tone and playability, for a guitar at this price. And, it still sounds and plays beautifully today. The spruce top and mahogany back and sides deliver sounds classic, balanced acoustic guitar tone.

Even though it has been available for some time, the AJ-220 still offers extraordinary playability and value for money. If you wanted a full package with tuner, amp and pretty much everything you need to get started, take a look at the Epiphone PR-4E Electro-Acoustic Player Pack – another great option.

Squier SA-105 Acoustic Guitar

Squier SA-105 Acoustic Guitar

The Squier SA-105 Acoustic Guitar is another great beginner guitar that will last many years of playing. This dreadnought acoustic guitar features a nato back and sides with spruce top – all of which are fantastic tonewoods that sound beautiful whether you’re strumming along to your favourite songs or lightly picking away.

In addition, the solid pieces of wood used in the construction of this guitar dry out over time, making them more resonant, still. So, a guitar made of solid pieces of wood will sound better as time goes on, as the wood dries out. The nato neck is very comfortable to play, which is something that really helps with the learning process – being comfortable usually mean the difference between sticking at it and giving up, so thankfully Squier have made a guitar witah  neck so comfortable that fatigue is less likely to set in.

Redwood CG-134 Classical Guitar

Redwood CG-134 Classical Guitar

The Redwood CG-134 Classical Guitar is a great alternative, for those would rather learn to play on a classical guitar. Along with the full sized version, ¾ sized and ½ sized versions are also available. For younger players, the variety of sizes available makes this a great beginner guitar choice. Whilst the rest of the guitars in this list are steel string acoustic guitars (i.e. all of the strings are made of metal), the Redwood CG-134, being a classical guitar, has nylon strings.

This means that the upper strings are all nylon, with the bass strings (those that are lower in pitch) wound in metal. For a beginner, these can be a little easier on the fingers. The low price of the Redwood CG-134 Classical Guitar, however, makes it the perfect beginner guitar for someone to ‘dip their toe in the water’, so to speak.

Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar

Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar

Whilst we’re on the subject of nylon string classical guitars, we can’t have a blog about best beginner guitars without including the Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar. When it comes to learning guitar, chances are everyone who’s ever had a guitar lesson has either owned (and probably still does) or started their musical journey on one of these. The reason why they’re so popular and why teachers recommend them is because they are extremely hardy guitars that can withstand years of playing. For the price range, you’d be surprised as to how long these guitars last owing to the solid construction and and high quality tonewoods used. The Spruce soundboard resonates really nicely so when you nail that chord, it sounds great, and the rosweood fingerboard is comfortable to play whilst you get to grips with learning how to play guitar. A clear and bright guitar that is great to play and will encourage progression.

Best Beginner Electric Guitars

Want to play the electric guitar? Here’s our top models to get you ahead in the game…

Redwood RS1

Redwood RS1 White

An extremely affordable model, the Redwood RS1 is perfect for any beginner electric guitar player. Fitted with 3 single coil pickups, this is great if you’re looking for a versatile guitar which is ideal as a beginner so you can learn to play as many styles as possible.  Constructed from quality materials including a basswood body, this guitar will last for years and is ideal for any budding guitarist.

Epiphone Les Paul Special II

Epiphone Les Paul Special II

You might just recognise this guitar, being probably the most iconic electric guitar ever! The Gibson Les Paul has been seen in the hands of just about everyone from Eric Clapton to Slash and this budget version stays true to a lot of the formula that makes the original so sought after. Be assured that this isn’t a cheap replication, as Epiphone are owned by Gibson, meaning they know exactly what it takes to make a great guitar, even at such an impressive price!

Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul Special-II Performance Pack

Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul Special-II Performance Pack

We all know him… big hat, big hair and some seriously impressive guitar playing. Former Guns ‘n’ Roses guitarist, Slash, is a living legend and one piece of his outfit you just can’t ignore is his signature Les Paul guitar. This package from Epiphone gives you all the items you need to start playing electric guitar and is perfect as a present. Consisting of an Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul Special-II Electric Guitar, Slash Snakepit-15 Amplifier, Custom gigbag, plectrums (picks), cable, strap and access to online guitar lessons courtesy of eMedia, this Epiphone package is enough for any player to get started!

Best Beginner Bass Guitars

We’ve rounded up a pair of our favourite beginner bass guitars below, take your pick! If you’re just starting out, don’t forget a bass amp though!

Redwood RB4 Bass Guitar

Best Beginner Bass - Redwood RB4 Black

One of the most affordable bass guitars you’ll find, the Redwood RB4 is a really versatile instrument with classic styling that’ll both look and sound great. This bass is constructed from a solid alder body, bolt-on neck and rosewood fingerboard, typical tonewoods and methods of basses at much higher price points. The electronics are simple but effective, utilising a split-coil design with a tone and volume control. If you’re looking to fill out the bottom end of a band, you can’t really go wrong here.

Epiphone EB-0 SG Bass Guitar

Epiphone EB0

Want to really look the part? This is the bass for you. The Epiphone EB-0 is styled in a similar fashion to the iconic Gibson SG guitar, which will look awesome on stage. Made from a mahogany body, mahogany neck and featuring a single humbucking pickup, this bass provides some serious beefy bass tones which are ideal for a wide variety of music performance and recording.

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