Marina by Farida MD-10 Guitar Receives Four Star Review by Music Radar

Marina by Farida MD-10 NS

The Marina by Farida MD-10 is the latest acoustic guitar to be critically acclaimed by the guitar press…

The Marina by Farida MD-10 is the latest guitar from the rising brand to receive glowing commendation from the guitar press. Marina is the even more affordable sibling to Farida. This range of acoustic guitars trims away some of the unnecessary cosmetics, without compromising on Farida’s renowned build quality, playability and tone. The result is a guitar that is every bit a Farida, but at an even lower price.

Music Radar recently reviewed the Marina by Farida MD-10. The reviewer was impressed to say the least…

Solid spruce top – astonishing value

There are endless entry level dreadnought guitars available, all of which  have a very similar appearance, but the MD-10 sets itself apart both in spec and performance. Unlike many acoustic guitars at this price, it features a solid spruce top. Aside from resulting in a better tone when new, as the solid spruce dries out, the tone should get even better. As reviewer Henry Yates points out, it gives the guitar an ‘investment-feel’.

This is paired with a rotary mahogany back and sides, and mahogany neck. Perhaps unusually, the guitar has a satin finish throughout, and stunning build quality. The ‘proof of the pudding’, however, ‘is in the eating’. It is in this regard that the Marina by Farida MD-10 really excels.

Aimed at the beginner, the neck profile is slim and comfortable, with a nice, easy playing action. Crucially, this eases the discomfort when learning to fret chords, so that the learner focuses on the learning process (and not the pain in their fingertips…)

It is the guitar’s tone that really surprises. The MD-10 punches well above its weight. In his review, Henry concludes that this is, ‘…an underpriced and overachieving axe that’s cheap enough to drag around the festival circuit, but good enough to use for low-key recording.’ I couldn’t have put it better.

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