Farida SF-55ce Sandi Thom Signature Model

Sandi Thom with Farida SF55ceIn the overwhelmingly male dominated world of guitar players it can be a struggle to find a female act that doesn’t fit neatly into a major label pigeonhole. Even rarer to find a female artist swimming completely against the pop tide by releasing a true blues album of original tracks, and taking on major guitar duties in the process.

One such act is million selling Scottish songstress Sandi Thom, who departed from her pop background in 2010 with ‘Merchants and Thieves.’

The album marked a brave change of direction for the singer and also features one of the most celebrated guitar players in the world today, Joe Bonamassa.

Her most critically acclaimed album yet, this move attracted attention from all quarters, in particular from major global guitar brand Farida who were so impressed they approached Sandi about the possibility of becoming an endorsee.

By happy coincidence Farida were in the final stages of developing a ground breaking new electro acoustic model, and it soon became clear that this would be the ideal instrument for Sandi’s new direction. ‘I’ve never seen anything quite like it before’ says Sandi, ‘I think it’s a wonderful looking guitar with a lot of individual features’.

The Farida SF-55ce features a Solid Spruce soundboard, with a stunning laser cut soundhole design, and finest grade solid Mahogany back and sides. This all solid construction makes the Farida SF-55ce remarkably loud for its ultra thin body shape, with the Fishman Presys blend pick-up ensuring that it retains its distinctive acoustic tone when plugged in.
‘I think this guitar is very versatile and could be great for a learner and a professional, the slim neck and body also means it would be good for kids’ says Sandi.

The pre-release coverage and limited availability of these guitars has now made the SF range one of the industry’s hottest products this year.

As well as making waves with its stunning design concept the Farida SF-55ce is also notable for being one of the very few signature guitars out there linked to a female player.

‘Its a massive privilege’, says Sandi, ‘there are some incredible female guitarists out there so I’m very flattered to be given this opportunity’.


  1. Miguel Sanchez says:

    Nice guitar. theres pictures of it on her website (www.sandithom.com) and it looks stunning.