New VOX Range At NAMM 2016

Great amps and very special guitars

Vox Starstream type 1

VOX amplification have announced a variety of new products ahead of their NAMM appearance in January 2016, including a selection of great amps and very special guitars.

The new 2016 range of VOX products will appeal to most musical palettes, as the brand has continued to innovate yet maintain their signature style and sound at the same time, with focus on creating versatile products for the live musician as well as those who enjoy playing at home.

The design of the amps in particular keeps the ‘retro cool’ vibe, never straying too much away from that VOX look we’ve come to know and love. However, it’s the innovation and focus on flexibility and functionality that will really set these amps and guitars apart.

Today we take a look at a selection of key features and specifications of each model.

VOX Limited Edition Tan Custom Amps

VOX Limited Edition Tan Bronco Custom Amps

A new limited edition set of amps offer something for guitarists of all levels, the VOX AC4C1-12, AC10C1 and AC15C1 feature a limited edition custom colour – aptly titled Tan Bronco.

These all-tube amps were first introduced to the guitar community over 50 years ago and have since become a mainstay in studios, at home and in the live setting. The gorgeous Tan Bronco tolex really sets these amps apart offering a new take on an already revered amplifier.

VOX AV15/30/60 Analog Valve Amplifier

VOX AV15/30/60 Analog Valve Amplifier

The new VOX AV series of amplifiers offer an affordable option to those who want that coveted tube sound, yet the flexibility of a multi-voice amplifier. Featuring 8 different types of tube sound ranging from the sparkly clean to the modern high gain through 12AX7 driven preamp and power amp sections, the VOX AV15, VOX AV30 and VOX AV60 models offer classic tones, three effects (Chorus, Delay & Reverb) and an analogue design which was painstakingly constructed with a “staggering” number of resistors and capacitors.

The power level control allows the user to control the volume without affecting the tone, meaning an all tube sound at lower volumes – perfect for recording, whilst the integrated baffle offering superior sound projection makes it a great go-to amp for the live setting.

VOX Starstream Type 1

Vox Starstream Type 1 VSS-1 Electric Guitar

For 2016, VOX have released a game changer in the world of guitars with their sleek new Starstream Type 1. Created for the guitarist who wants the option of switching between electric guitar, acoustic guitar synths and other stringed instruments, the Starstream is more than just a guitar – it’s almost a complete sound system!

Offering 27 sounds including classic and modern electric single coil and humbucking sound, 3 different types of 12 string, nylon strings, banjo, sitar and resonators to name a few, this guitar has everything you need for the stage or home use. No longer will you have to carry extra instruments to gigs that you might only use once and if you want that vintage driven humbucking sound, you can pump it through your headphones without waking the neighbours.

The goal here was to provide guitarists with a versatile instrument that would offer flexibility to suit any music and allow them to explore a variety of different sounds. We have to say that VOX have definitely achieved this with the Starstream Type 1.

Korg Pitchblack Pedal Tuner

Korg Pitchblack Pedal Tuner refined nickel

For those who want to ensure their guitar tuning is spot on, KORG (the parent company of VOX amplification) have released a limited edition version of their extremely popular guitar/bass tuner. Available in a refined nickel-plated model for a short time, the Pitchblack pedal has earned the trust of guitarists worldwide – reliable and sturdy. It exudes style and sophistication – we think this True Bypass tuner will look really cool on your pedal board.

KORG GripTune Clip-On Tuner

Korg Griptune

KORG have also been creating clip on tuners for a while now, offering affordable options for the guitarist in a hurry. The GripTune is the newest addition to their great range of fantastic tuners. Simply attach it to the headstock of your guitar, whether electric, acoustic or nylon and you’ve got accurate tuning in an instant. The lightest and smallest KORG tuner available, weighing in at a mere 13 grams, it can fit in the pocket of your guitar case and sit on the headstock of your guitar unobtrusively throughout performance.

Don’t forget to check out the full range of VOX equipment and view all the technical specifications and prices, on the Dawsons website.

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Here are some fun facts:

  • Before moving to the UK, Lee used to host a radio show in Australia at the age of 18. Lee presented the unsigned bands segment at Twin Cities FM in Perth, WA.
  • Sound Of Guns enjoyed a short but successful career in music with many of their songs being used in television adverts, sports channels and the extremely successful videos Road Bike Party and We are Not Crazy We are Amazing.
  • He also can’t play bar chords due to an accident so learned to play power chords by studying Black Sabbath songs and Tony Iommi’s playing style.