Guitars To Give You GAS

Guitars to give you GAS

Riding the winds of change A lot of guitarists complain of gas. More so than players of any other instrument. We’re referring of course to Gear Acquisition Syndrome, i.e. the constant, unrelenting quest to accumulate ever more piles of interesting, unique and often quite expensive bits of kit with which to augment our rigs. See,… Read More

20 Best Apps for Making Music

Best apps for making music

Making music, mobile style No doubt many musicians will be receiving a shiny new tablet device for Christmas this year. If it’s your first foray into mobile music-making then you’re in for a real treat, because the sheer amount of creative weaponry at your disposal is staggering. Everything is there from audio oddities designed with… Read More

Novelty Gifts for Musicians

Novelty Gifts for Musicians

Stocking fillers for the discerning muso As we hurtle ever closer to Christmas, so it figures that the non-musicians in our lives may be wondering what to buy us. Thankfully, our chosen past-time is one which is stuffed full of toys, gadgets and accessories with which we can improve and augment our rigs. Here we… Read More

5 Pedals To Try Before You Die


Looking for something inspirational, genre-defining or downright odd? We’ve got you covered. On Test We looked through our simply huge selection of guitar FX to find some little gems that you may have overlooked, simply not known about or indeed have yet to get your hands on. You’d be forgiven of course, the range and… Read More

Must Have Vintage Inspired Gear

Must Have Vintage Gear

A trip down music gear memory lane The world of musical instruments is quite odd really. In what other walk of life is there equal lusting after equipment which is cutting edge modern, and gear which would look at home 100 years ago? On one hand, there are the progressive types who want all their tools to… Read More

iOS Music Gear Focus

iOS gear guide

A portable studio in your palm of your hand The list of superlatives you often hear when people talk about Apple’s iDevices are becoming a touch overplayed now. We all know about the amazing apps it can run, and the weird and wonderful sounds which can be achieved as a result, but how many people are actually… Read More

Get Their Sound For £500 Or Under


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery Musicians spend their entire playing careers searching for ‘their’ sound. Some find it through a combination of trial and error, while others know exactly the timbre they’re searching for before they even pick up an instrument in anger. Some however prefer to mimic the tones and backlines of… Read More

Choosing The Right Pick….

plectrum on guitar

Revolutionise your playing today, with our guide… They are the smallest, often the cheapest and undoubtedly one of the most important items in your quest for guitar playing perfection, but how many of us actually think about the pick we’re using? The shape, the thickness, the material used, or simply how we’re using it? We’re… Read More

5 Essential Studio Microphones

mics featured image

Looking for a microphone to capture your vocals, guitar or drums? Then read on… The debate about “the best” microphones for recording is perhaps one of the biggest talking points amongst the studio-geek community (of which we are also proud members, it should be noted!). Our list, therefore, is a guide for those looking to pick… Read More

Take Your Music To Uni – Five Portable Music, Recording and Instrument Solutions

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Moving to University is a big change, but your music can come along with you with these five portable music, and instrument solutions… So, you’ve got the grades and you’re off to University soon? Very well done ladies and gents- you have some of the best years of your life to look forward to. A… Read More