New Ashdown Amplifiers For The Gigging Musician

New bass heads, cabs, combos and some great acoustic amplifiers Ashdown have become one of the major go-to brands for bass players and acoustic artists who need reliable, sturdy and above all – amazing sounding gear that can withstand years of use. So, with the release of a variety of new equipment for 2016, naturally we… Read More

How Do Coil Tap & Split Coil Pickups Work?

Coil Tap vs Coil Split – we clear up the differences In the world of guitars there are many popular myths. Mistruths, wrapped up in half-baked theories, often presented with absolute certainty. Music is, as we know, entirely subjective. Conversations around what is the ‘best’ guitar, for example, are largely moot. However there are certain ambiguous subjects… Read More

What Are The Main Differences In Headphones?

Choosing the right headphones for the job As with so many types of musical equipment, the different variations of headphones can seem overwhelming. Certain types are designed specifically to achieve certain goals. A set of cheap in-ear ‘phones, for example, are nigh-on useless when it comes to accurate mixing. Conversely, a high quality set of open-back over-ear headphones… Read More

Best PA Systems – Our Top 5 For Performing Musicians

The Best PA systems for wedding bands and touring artists If you’re a performing musician, touring solo artist or play as part of a function band playing weddings, parties or anything else, chances are you’ll either need a PA to practice with, tour with or provide as part of your service. Unless you’re in a… Read More

4 To The Floor – Best Electronic Drum Kits For Pros

For those who march to a digital beat The electronic drum kit goes by many names; the digital drum set, electric drum kit and for those who are acoustic drum purists “not an acoustic”, but whatever you call them – they’re extremely useful and so versatile it’s mind boggling. With more and more acoustic drummers deciding… Read More

Yamaha reface: the series explained

Four Yamaha classics recreated in miniature form Yamaha have a ubiquitous presence within the world of music, and for many years have shaped the way some of our favourite music sounds with their innovative keyboards, synthesizers and organs. With the introduction of the Yamaha reface range, they have condensed some of the most famous sounds such… Read More

The Best Guitars For Rock: 6 Great Options

From stage to studio – we look at some of the best rock guitars You’ve got your favourite guitar heroes and you’ve got your style of music, and in this case it’s ROCK! Whether your favourite band is the Foo Fighters, or AC/DC, you love to air guitar to Zeppelin or Queens of the Stone… Read More

Best Budget Guitars And The Ultimate Upgrades

Squier to Fender, Epiphone to Gibson we discuss best beginner guitars and the ones you should consider when upgrading When most of us begin our musical journey, we start out with a cheaper, sometimes even hand-me-down version of the guitar we’ve seen our musical idols play – and there’s absolutely no shame in that whatsoever. Starting… Read More

5 Of The Best Monitor Speakers For Your Studio

Throwing a few options into the mix We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, a good pair of studio monitors is an essential tool for creating good quality mixes. You’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands on good quality instruments, interfaces and all sorts of equipment to create music, so it’s an absolute travesty… Read More

6 Best Samplers For Live Bands & Songwriters

Adding a new element to your songwriting or live performances Samplers don’t have to be used exclusively in the world of electronic music, and are often overlooked by those in bands or acoustic guitarists as something best left to the EDM community. However, they can be a valuable tool for all styles of music, including… Read More