Why Use Thunderbolt Audio Interfaces?

Weighing up the lesser-spotted connection protocol Ah Thunderbolt. So mysterious. So hi-tech. But what do you do that my trusty USB connection can’t? Thunderbolt has been around a little while, as the heir-apparent to the old Firewire devices seen mostly on Mac computers. In truth, they offer much of the same functionality as a USB… Read More

Home Recording Setup For Under £300

Get your recording game on without breaking the bank We’re lucky with the era we live in. Technology has made things so much easier on so many levels. As musicians, we can now fit pretty much an entire recording studio into a bedroom or practice room. In fact, with the right gear, you could realistically… Read More

Differences In Equipment Quality Levels

Sometimes you really do get what you pay for Quality is such a subjective term. Particularly when we’re talking about the quality of the equipment tasked with carrying out a job or specific function. If it works, and does what we want it to do, then it’s good quality right? Well…not always. Musical instruments and… Read More

New Zoom Multi Effects Pedals For The Gigging Musician

A world’s worth of guitar and bass effects at your feet Playing guitar is all about the journey. It’s a journey into self-discovery, figuring out what type of player we are and what sounds really make us tick, what amplifiers we prefer to put our guitar through, and eventually which effects help us channel that… Read More

How To Throw The Best Christmas & New Years Eve Party

Christmas party essentials & the best gear to keep the party going Figuring out how to throw the best Christmas or New Years Eve party can sometimes feel like a daunting task. There’s so much to organise, from the food, to where everyone is going to sit to the playlist that will keep everyone entertained rather than… Read More

12 Secret Santa Ideas For Musicians

Budget friendly Secret Santa ideas for the music lover in your office It’s that time of year… Christmas parties are being booked, the festive flavours at your favourite coffee chain are being rolled out and the dreaded Secret Santa is being drawn up in the office. But what’s that? There’s a musician in the room… Read More

Music Gadgets & Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

12 great music gadgets and gifts for musicians Finding music gadgets for the musician in your life can be an absolute nightmare, especially if they’re the type of geeky musician who likes the weird and wonderful! So today, we’re going to make it easy by showing you some of the best gadget gifts for musicians… Read More

Build A Complete Pedal Board For Under £150

All the guitar effects pedals you need to gig, for way under £150 All musicians understand the importance of having the right pedals on their pedal board, but if you’re just starting out, or even want a second pedal board at home for practicing, starting a new rig can seem quite daunting, and expensive! But fear… Read More

Turning A Large Format Console Into A Portable Studio

Audient Interfaces – Providing all the performance of a large format console in the palm of your hand With the myriad of different audio interfaces available, one has to wonder which one is truly right for them when trawling through the minefield of different hardware options. Whatever it is that you consider when choosing an… Read More

Fender Offset Series Guitars & Basses Revealed

The return of the Fender offset guitar for the modern player The Fender offset series of guitars has been revisited in 2016 providing fans of the more “Alternative” looking (and sounding) guitars with a whole range of beautifully crafted instruments that give a firm nod to the designs of old with a slew of new features for… Read More