Electric Guitar Buying Guide

Let’s start from the beginning… The road to guitar mastery can at first seem daunting. So many different styles, shapes and sizes of guitars, all vying for your attention and the chance to make your wallet lighter. But, as with anything, the options can seem clearer if you simply filter out the things which are… Read More

Acoustic Guitar Body Types

Finding the size to suit you Ac acoustic guitar is an acoustic guitar, right? A nice looking piece of wood with a hole in the middle. It’s not like with electric guitars, where the combination of guitar, amplifier and effects offer the player to create a sound entirely of their own. An acoustic guitar looks,… Read More

Best Electric Guitars Under £250

Starter guitars for every taste and style The sub-£250 price bracket is chock full of quite wonderful guitars to suit any player. From entry-level versions of the traditional big-hitters, through to more considered variations not replicated further up the range, there are rich pickings to be had. It’s not all cheap and cheerful either. The… Read More

Fender American Standard Range

Aspirational axes for the working musician Fender’s American Standard range are the gold label, premier league guitars of your dreams. It’s the guitar your mate’s dad had when you were 14 and starting out, and you weren’t allowed to play. It’s the guitar the player in the big band plays when they’re raking in mega coin… Read More

Tools To Improve Vocal Performance

Gear to help you hit the high notes It must be great to be a singer. No instruments to carry around, other than yourself. No lusting after 1950s custom shop reissues. No arguing over different brands of preamp valves. You just turn up, sing, and go home. Dead easy. Except, of course, it’s not like… Read More

Best Multi Effects Pedals For Under £250

Effect pedal combo boxes to get you started When you’re starting out on the guitar it can be hard to know where to start with the wacky world of effects. You may hear certain things on records and wonder how you could incorporate them into your sound, or you may know a few effects you… Read More

Musicians Should Wear Ear Plugs

A lesson in stating the obvious It seems almost daft to say it. A musician, generally speaking, needs to be able to hear what they’re playing, writing or recording. From the timbre of the sounds we’re creating through to the notes we’re using to craft our tunes, there are so many variables that rely on… Read More

Best Acoustics For Under £250

Unplugged bang for your buck Acoustic guitars are wonderful things. As great as it is to plug in an electric through an amp and let rip, there’s still something magical about picking up an oversized piece of wood and letting its natural tones ring out. Their beauty lies in their simplicity; acoustic guitar design has… Read More

Top Five Small Body Guitars

Small size, big sounds from these quality acoustics Acoustic guitars, as we know, come in all shapes and sizes. Traditionally, the dreadnought shape is the one we’d wager most people think about, but there’s also auditorium and jumbo sized beasts for players of certain genres. Recently however, there’s been a real resurgence in popularity for… Read More

Saxophone Buying Guide

So, you’ve got your eye on a new saxophone? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! In a similar fashion to the great ukulele revolution of 2010, saxophonists are certainly on the rise. Increasingly appearing on modern pop recordings, as well as making regular appearances in jazz bands up and down the country, there’s no reason why… Read More