Roland Aira MX-1 Review

Aira range from Roland

MX-1 performance mixer from Roland is the final piece of the Aira jigsaw Coming in around a year after the launch of the rest of the (existing) Aira range, the Roland MX-1 performance mixer should arguably have been there from the start. Positioned as the centrepiece of any self-respecting Aira studio, or any other hardware… Read More

Musicians Should Wear Ear Plugs

douleur atroce d'homme mûr stressé

A lesson in stating the obvious It seems almost daft to say it. A musician, generally speaking, needs to be able to hear what they’re playing, writing or recording. From the timbre of the sounds we’re creating through to the notes we’re using to craft our tunes, there are so many variables that rely on… Read More

Best Acoustics For Under £250


Unplugged bang for your buck Acoustic guitars are wonderful things. As great as it is to plug in an electric through an amp and let rip, there’s still something magical about picking up an oversized piece of wood and letting its natural tones ring out. Their beauty lies in their simplicity; acoustic guitar design has… Read More

Top Five Small Body Guitars


Small size, big sounds from these quality acoustics Acoustic guitars, as we know, come in all shapes and sizes. Traditionally, the dreadnought shape is the one we’d wager most people think about, but there’s also auditorium and jumbo sized beasts for players of certain genres. Recently however, there’s been a real resurgence in popularity for… Read More

Saxophone Buying Guide


So, you’ve got your eye on a new saxophone? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! In a similar fashion to the great ukulele revolution of 2010, saxophonists are certainly on the rise. Increasingly appearing on modern pop recordings, as well as making regular appearances in jazz bands up and down the country, there’s no reason why… Read More

Bass Guitar String Guide


String theory For all that we obsess over the types of woods used in our instruments, the different pickups, the tones we dial into our amps and the microphones we use to record, there is one single factor which is often overlooked but which can have a profound impact on our sound. Strings are perhaps… Read More

Top 10 Mini Pedals


Massive tones from miniature pedals A very modern phenomenon in the world of guitars in the miniaturisation of effects pedals. Most pedal builders are at it, releasing ever smaller boxes which can do exactly what their bigger brothers can do, just in a smaller form factor, thus freeing up valuable pedal board space for the… Read More

Top 5 Investments To Improve Your Studio

Roland Studio Capture

Take your recording space to the next level As decent quality studio gear becomes more user friendly and musicians increasingly view the recording process as something they can do themselves, more and more bands and artists are quickly developing the base skills required to get amazing sounding results. Thanks to places like YouTube and studio… Read More

Guitars To Give You GAS


Riding the winds of change A lot of guitarists complain of gas. More so than players of any other instrument. We’re referring of course to Gear Acquisition Syndrome, i.e. the constant, unrelenting quest to accumulate ever more piles of interesting, unique and often quite expensive bits of kit with which to augment our rigs. See,… Read More

20 Best Apps for Making Music


Making music, mobile style No doubt many musicians will be receiving a shiny new tablet device for Christmas this year. If it’s your first foray into mobile music-making then you’re in for a real treat, because the sheer amount of creative weaponry at your disposal is staggering. Everything is there from audio oddities designed with… Read More