Five Great Pro DJ Controllers


Digital technology has changed DJing at all levels – here five great pro DJ controllers Is there anything that digital technology can’t do? It has revolutionised just about every aspect of the modern world, and music is no exception. The DJ world has been turned upside down by modern, computer tech (reluctantly, in some quarters…),… Read More

What Factors Affect Pickup Tone?

EMG Humbucker Pickup

There is such wide variety of sounds possible from them, but what factors affect pickup tone? There are such a wide variety of tones possible from the different pickups available, that you’d be forgiven for thinking that each is a completely individual design. However, there are key aspects of their design that dictate the kind… Read More

Acoustic Folk Set-up For Under £400

Folk logo

Wanna go ‘tweed’? You can get this acoustic folk set-up for under £400 You might have noticed that folk has had something of renaissance of late. You may be thinking that adding a folk ‘flavour’ to your music might require a sizeable investment. Well, you’d be wrong. If you fancy adding a touch of folk… Read More

What Is A Drum Trigger?


In this age of digital drums, they seem to be everywhere – but what is a drum trigger? The age of the digital drum is undoubtedly upon us. These days, however, many drummers use a mixture of real drums and digital drum sounds. How do they do it? Well, it’s all down to drum triggers…. Read More

Five Great 2014 Gibson Models

Gibson logo

It’s that time of year when suppliers refresh their range – Here are five great 2014 Gibson models to whet your appetite Once the excitement of Xmas and New Year has subsided, you’d be forgiven for feeling a bit flat. Thankfully, the NAMM 2014 show arrives at the end of January, with a whole host… Read More

Guitar Tech Explained

Guitar Logo1

Recently, there’s been an increase in the number of guitar tech loaded instruments – here’s what it all means… Guitarists can a pretty traditional bunch when it comes to technology. It wasn’t too long ago that electric guitars were looked upon as ‘toys’ compared to their acoustic counterparts. Since then everything from effects, to guitars… Read More

Great Tools For Live Electronic Music Performance

Launchpad Logo

Live electronic music performance is no longer a case of just hitting ‘play’ – here are some great tools to help… Once upon a time, performing electronic music live was something of a task. Actually keeping a ‘live’ element was the main task, as was ensuring it wasn’t much more than Karaoke. The other problem… Read More

Vestax VCI 400 Review

vestax logo 1

The brand symbolises pro quality and performance but how does this controller weigh up? We find out in our Vestax VCI 400 Review The age of the digital DJ has seen many brands traditional involved in other areas of music and audio produce equipment for the modern DJ. This is usually due to the overlap… Read More

Weird And Wonderful Guitarists Presents

Snowflake Black

Buying for a tricky guitar player? Here’s a guide to weird and wonderful guitarists presents for the player who has everything… Musicians tend to develop a condition known as G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome) over time. They indulge their love of music by buying it endless gifts of music gear… As a result, you often find… Read More

Inspiring Music Gear

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Some things just seem to get creativity flowing more than others – here are some great examples of inspiring music gear Want to get some musical ideas flowing quickly? You could do far worse than look at some of the products listed below. When you’re in a creative rut, these bits of inspiring music gear… Read More