How To Throw The Best Christmas & New Years Eve Party

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12 Secret Santa Ideas For Musicians

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Music Gadgets & Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

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Build A Complete Pedal Board For Under £150

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Turning A Large Format Console Into A Portable Studio

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Fender Offset Series Guitars & Basses Revealed

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Best Vocoders – Top 5 Must Try Synths & Pedals

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Perfect Partnerships – Gibson Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Marshall

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The New Gibson HP Acoustic Range Has Landed

New designs, classic styles – introducing the Gibson 2017 HP Range Thanks to Gibson’s outstanding reputation for producing world class acoustic guitars, when a new line is announced, the world stands up and takes notice. 2017 looks to be an impressive year for the brand with the release of the new 2017 HP acoustic range, featuring… Read More

New Ashdown Amplifiers For The Gigging Musician

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