Best Left Handed Guitars For Beginners

Six of the best southpaw guitars for learners Left handed people in most walks of life have got it hard. Accounting for only 10 per cent of the world’s population, lefties constantly face the challenge of finding the necessary tools to tackle tasks in a predominantly right handed world. This is particularly true for guitarists. Right-handers… Read More

Five Best Jazz Guitars

Classic jazz sounds from five smooth guitars Jazz guitars are big bodied, often semi-acoustic, and designed to coax out some wonderfully rich, warm tones. Historically jazz was played on acoustic guitars, however in the days before amplification the guitar often became lost in the mix of the big band sound so the introduction of arch… Read More

Musical Gifts For Kids

Gifts for the budding rockstars in your life Any parent will know that most kids fall into one of two brackets come birthday or Christmas time. There are those kids who are extremely vocal about the things they like and don’t like. All year long, at any given opportunity, parents of kids in this bracket… Read More

The Different Types Of Ukulele – A Buyer’s Guide

Affordable and easy to learn instrument for all ages The ukulele has slowly but surely eased its way into the eyes of the mainstream like no other instrument. Once seen as the symbol of either grass skirts or George Formby, the little guitar is now a firm favourite of players of all ages and skill… Read More

Budget Gifts For Guitarists (That They’ll Actually Use)

Practical gifts for the discerning guitarist The problems presented when buying gifts for guitarists are plentiful. With so many different instruments available, and so many smaller sub-sections of accessories and novelty items underneath that, gift-buying can be a nightmare to navigate your way around. How do you know if you’re buying something that will actually be used, as… Read More

Which Wood Suits Your Next Drum Kit?

Which wood is best for your drum kit? Drums draw the eye like no other instrument – they are big, bold and often very shiny. However, below the many lacquers and wraps that are hugely customisable in today’s market there one crucial decision to make that affects the sound of any one particular drum kit – namely the… Read More

What Equipment Does Ed Sheeran Use?

A basic setup with big potential (Image courtesy of Markus Hillgärtner, used under Creative Commons) There’s a lot to admire about Ed Sheeran. Here’s a guy who has started at the very bottom of the ladder, performing gig after gig on the local pub circuit with no fast-pass to the top, yet has recently finished a sell… Read More

Home Recording Guitar On A Budget

Getting studio sounds in your front room One of the joys of playing, writing and performing music is hearing your tunes back once you’ve recorded them. In days gone by, this used to mean either cobbling together a few microphones and a four track tape recorder, or booking in to a professional studio with all… Read More

Choosing A Drumstick To Suit You

Analysing drumsticks, the tools of the trade For drummers, our sticks are an extension of ourselves. If the kit is the canvas, the stick the brush that fluidly creates and express our art. They are an important part of a drummer’s sound and personality, and can both grow with us or be unchanged since our humble beginnings. Our choice in sticks can be… Read More

5 Of The Best Amps For Small Gigs

Tiny tools for towering tone Guitarists are spoilt for choice when it comes to amps. There are amps for literally any size, style, specification or budget, so how do you choose the best one for you? Say, for example, you’re booked to play a show at a small local venue. Putting your ego to one… Read More