How To Prepare For Your First Gig

Allaying those first gig fears So you’ve written some songs, or diligently learnt someone else’s, and your band is pretty tight after countless hours of practice and fine-tuning. You’re ready to play your music to a group of very fortunate people, who will always be able to say they saw your first show. Exciting, isn’t… Read More

Novation “Show us your studio” Competition

We’ve teamed up with Novation to give you the chance to win a Novation Audiohub 2×4 worth £149. A combined audio interface and USB hub, featuring a super loud headphone output and latency free direct monitoring, the Audiohub is perfect for tidying up your studio and making the most of a small home set up…. Read More

Best Gear of 2014

A vintage year for non-vintage gear It’s always fun looking back over the past year and revisiting some of the exciting nuggets of musical innovation we’ve been offered over the past 12 months. And there has been some great gear for musicians to get stuck into too. For guitarists, the drive has been to shrink… Read More

History Of The Sleigh Bells In Music

The bells are ringing out for Christmas time Picture credit – Wikimedia Commons When researching this article, we tried to think of other examples of where a musical instrument is so intrinsically linked to a period of time, or a particular celebration. You see, the sound of sleigh bells goes together with Christmas like overpriced… Read More

Most Played Christmas Songs Of All Time

The songs remain the same Christmas time means Christmas music. That much is true. Love them or hate them, every year the same old songs will be wheeled out and played in shops, pubs and on TV adverts, reminding you that Christmas is here and simply cannot be ignored. Typically, people go through the whole… Read More

Novelty Gifts for Musicians

Updated 20/11/15 Stocking fillers for the discerning muso As we hurtle ever closer to Christmas, so it figures that the non-musicians in our lives may be wondering what to buy us. Thankfully, our chosen past-time is one which is stuffed full of toys, gadgets and accessories with which we can improve and augment our rigs…. Read More

Does A Moustache Make You A Better Musician?

Lip service Yes, it’s that time of year again when, for one month only, men across the land leave aside their inhibitions and embark on the proud journey of moustache cultivation. Movember is upon us, raising money for a very good cause, and providing laughs for women-folk everywhere. For some, the pursuit of facial furniture… Read More

Mogwai’s Barry Burns On Using Komplete

Keyboard player discusses the need for Komplete control (Photo used under Creative Commons – Mogwai, the Scottish instrumentalists, seem to have been around forever. The veteran band has put out eight standard albums, three compilations, 12 extended players, two remix albums and three film scores in 23 productive years together. Each charts the sonic journey of a… Read More

Get Their Sound For £500 Or Under

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery Musicians spend their entire playing careers searching for ‘their’ sound. Some find it through a combination of trial and error, while others know exactly the timbre they’re searching for before they even pick up an instrument in anger. Some however prefer to mimic the tones and backlines of… Read More

Guitar Riffs The BBC Missed From Its Top 100…

An alternative list of stonkers, bangers and cheeky little neck twitchers Writers of ‘top 100’ style lists are on a hiding to nothing, generally. Especially when said list has wildly exaggerated titles like “TOP 100 GREATEST GUITAR RIFFS OF ALL TIME EVER.” See, music is different to, for example, sport. By its very nature, music is almost exclusively… Read More