Where Are All The Guitar Heroes?

No More Heroes Any More? Strange things are afoot in our musical world. Whisper it quietly, but the notion of the guitar hero is dying out. Superstar guitarists are a dying breed. This article in the Washington Post said as much, so it must be true, right? Well, yes and no. It is an interesting… Read More

Has X Factor Ruined Christmas?

Has a gameshow stolen our Christmas cheer? And our Patience? It’s coming to that time of year when Simon Cowell’s latest exports vie for the Christmas Number 1 slot, only to disappear in a week or so, destined for university fresher week performances and slots on “celebrity” antique shows. The winners’ music and careers, however promising… Read More

Friday Feeling Playlist – The TGIF Rock Version!

21 of the best songs to get your weekend started There’s simply no other day like it. Friday. That wonderful day where we don’t really mind heading in to work because the weekend is a mere 8-ish hours away. It’s come down to the last hour of the day – all your documents are saved,… Read More

Best Wah Pedal Songs Of All Time

Iconic pedal takes centre stage As far as guitar effects go, there are few as well known and widely used as the famous wah pedal. Since its creation in the mid 1960s, wah wah has featured on countless records by bands and artists from pretty much every genre of music. If you want a bit more… Read More

How To Be A Star Wars Rockstar

Make sure you know your Kloo horns from your Fanfars before you apply to Jabba’s Palace! Ever wanted to front your own Jatz Band? Think you’ve got what it takes to join Max Rebo on an interplanetary tour across a galaxy far, far away? Well before you decide to join the musical hall of fame… Read More

10 Unusual Christmas Songs That You’ve Never Heard (But Really Should)

Sick of Slade? Weary of Wizard? Try our alternative selection… Yes, its that time of year again, when every radio station, shopping centre and office is full of the sweet sound of Christmas music. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with ‘White Christmas‘ or ‘Fairy Tale Of New York‘, but listening to any song on… Read More

What Are The Benefits Of Playing A Musical Instrument?

Why do musicians do what they do? Ask any musician, from the striving busker to the thriving megastar, if they’re glad they took the time to learn an instrument and you can guarantee the answer would be positive. Put simply, there are no downsides to it. You develop a new skill, open up the opportunity… Read More

How To Prepare For Your First Gig

Allaying those first gig fears So you’ve written some songs, or diligently learnt someone else’s, and your band is pretty tight after countless hours of practice and fine-tuning. You’re ready to play your music to a group of very fortunate people, who will always be able to say they saw your first show. Exciting, isn’t… Read More

Best Gear of 2014

A vintage year for non-vintage gear It’s always fun looking back over the past year and revisiting some of the exciting nuggets of musical innovation we’ve been offered over the past 12 months. And there has been some great gear for musicians to get stuck into too. For guitarists, the drive has been to shrink… Read More

History Of The Sleigh Bells In Music

The bells are ringing out for Christmas time Picture credit – Wikimedia Commons When researching this article, we tried to think of other examples of where a musical instrument is so intrinsically linked to a period of time, or a particular celebration. You see, the sound of sleigh bells goes together with Christmas like overpriced… Read More