Mogwai’s Barry Burns On Using Komplete


Keyboard player discusses the need for Komplete control (Photo used under Creative Commons – Mogwai, the Scottish instrumentalists, seem to have been around forever. The veteran band has put out eight standard albums, three compilations, 12 extended players, two remix albums and three film scores in 23 productive years together. Each charts the sonic journey of a… Read More

Get Their Sound For £500 Or Under


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery Musicians spend their entire playing careers searching for ‘their’ sound. Some find it through a combination of trial and error, while others know exactly the timbre they’re searching for before they even pick up an instrument in anger. Some however prefer to mimic the tones and backlines of… Read More

Guitar Riffs The BBC Missed From Its Top 100…

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An alternative list of stonkers, bangers and cheeky little neck twitchers Writers of ‘top 100′ style lists are on a hiding to nothing, generally. Especially when said list has wildly exaggerated titles like “TOP 100 GREATEST GUITAR RIFFS OF ALL TIME EVER.” See, music is different to, for example, sport. By its very nature, music is almost exclusively… Read More

Footballer Musicians


When worlds collide… Clearly, there are parallels between the disparate worlds of football and music. A sense of identity, of appreciating those more talented than ourselves. Witnessing said talents perform in front of large crowds. Sharing experiences with others who have the same passion. Sometimes, however, the lines can become blurred. You see, top-level footballers… Read More

Education Competition


Win £2,500 of equipment for your school department by completing this form! It’s really as simple as that. For more details, see below. Terms and Conditions This competition is being run by Dawsons Music of 65 Sankey Street, Warrington (“Dawsons”). The winner will be notified by email. No purchase is necessary. Only one entry per… Read More

Dawsons Music Spotlight Sessions: Fort Hope

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The third installment of our Spotlight Sessions series features rising stars Fort Hope. Jon and Andé from the band kindly dropped in to our studio and chatted to us about their recent signing, the music industry and their fans amongst other things. They also gave us a great acoustic performance which you can see at 10:08… Read More

Dawsons Music Spotlight Sessions: We Caught The Castle

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In our second Spotlight Sessions video we met with We Caught The Castle, a female-fronted five-piece from Reading and chatted to them about everything from football to their latest music video. They also gave us an acoustic performance of “Answers” from their debut album “Time to Grow”. We Caught The Castle are a Reading based… Read More

Poll Names Wonderwall The Song Musicians Most Love To Hate


) For some, Oasis are the high watermark of the UK rock industry over the past 20 years. The band, which dominated UK music in the 90s, achieved colossal success off the back of hits like Don’t Look Back in Anger, Supersonic and Roll With It. Guitarist Noel Gallagher’s Beatles-aping anthems inspired a generation of… Read More

Dawsons Music Spotlight Sessions: Etham Basdem

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In the first part of our brand new Spotlight Sessions videos we chat to Etham Basden, a 16 year old singer-songwriter tipped for big things in 2014. The idea behind the first wave of Spotlight Sessions is simple: take four up-and-coming artists or bands, take them to the video suite in our Reading store, have… Read More

Five Guitars That Changed Music

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Great music is due to the artist, but it’s hard to deny the influence of some gear – here are five guitars that changed music In most creative arts, the tools required remain pretty much unchanged over the years. I mean, whilst dyes may change slightly, paints are pretty much the same as they’ve always… Read More