Finding A Drum Kit Set-up To Suit You

Demystifying the drum kit selection process When it comes to setting up drums, whether you are unboxing your first kit, or victim to the 15 minute change-over as you take the stage of your local gigging spot, you need to have a firm grasp of the equipment you’re dealing with and the set-up to suit you. The… Read More

What Is A Dynamic Microphone

A closer look at the most commonly used microphone type Within the world of microphones, each variety has benefits and drawbacks depending on the application. Condenser microphones often work best in a studio setting on account of their sensitivity to a wide range of musical frequencies, however they require a power source and are often more fragile than other mics… Read More

10 First Gig Essentials For Guitarists

You will definitely need these… When the time comes for you to move out of your practice room/garage/mums front room (we’ve all been there) and on to a stage for the first time wielding your guitar, chances are you’re going to be feeling a little anxious, a little excited and probably a little bit sick. Nerves… Read More

Acoustic Treatment Basics

Tame those wild frequencies For those of us who have home studio setups, or a recording rig at their band room, the issue of acoustic treatment is one which perhaps goes under the radar slightly. Sure, we’ve all seen those pictures of high end studios with obscurely shaped pieces of foam on the walls and muttered… Read More

10 Essential Drum Rudiments

Getting your drum rudiments in order Drum rudiments are essential for any drummer looking to develop and apply patterns. Rudiments are the foundation of playing drums, yet some players develop a stigma towards the practice of the 40 rudiments (the Percussive Arts Society took the ‘essential’ rudiment count from 26 to 40 in 1984) that are… Read More

How To Prepare For Your First Gig

Allaying those first gig fears So you’ve written some songs, or diligently learnt someone else’s, and your band is pretty tight after countless hours of practice and fine-tuning. You’re ready to play your music to a group of very fortunate people, who will always be able to say they saw your first show. Exciting, isn’t… Read More

Build An iPad Recording Studio

Create a studio you can use on the move There’s a lot to be said for portability when it comes to recording your music. Sure, it’s great having a dedicated space setup to capture ideas, but every now and again a change of scenery can provide you with a burst of creative inspiration which you… Read More

A Guide To Drum Tuning

Underlining the importance of drum tuning One of the most common questions I am asked by fellow drummers is “How do you tune drums?” I also remember the days when I found myself asking this regularly too. You can get quite ambiguous responses to this question and there isn’t solely one technique to this sometimes… Read More

Tools To Improve Vocal Performance

Gear to help you hit the high notes It must be great to be a singer. No instruments to carry around, other than yourself. No lusting after 1950s custom shop reissues. No arguing over different brands of preamp valves. You just turn up, sing, and go home. Dead easy. Except, of course, it’s not like… Read More

How To Create Ambient Guitar Sounds

Creating atmospheric textures using just your guitar (and a few pedals…) Everyone knows guitars do ‘loud’ very well. We’ve all seen, heard and witnessed the power of an electric guitar playing through an enormous stack of amplifiers, and our ringing eardrums will bear testament to the fact that guitars are indeed very good at being… Read More