Using Your Studio As An Instrument

Unlocking the potential of your studio We all know the studio as the place to go when your tunes are written, your tones dialed in and your chops well practiced. You enter the studio environment with the goal of committing your tracks to record, giving them a polish and sending them off into the world…. Read More

Live-looping With Ableton & MIDI

Using Ableton’s looper device as a performance tool Many players now are exploring with the possibilities offered by looping. We’ve likely all seen people like Ed Sheeran and KT Tunstall using loops as the centre-piece of their entire sound, and been inspired to give it a try. For guitar players particularly, looping tends to come… Read More

Introduction To Mixing And Post-Production

Tips for making your music sparkle For many home recording enthusiasts, the mixing and post-production stage is often one shrouded with mystery, a dark art which only a few hallowed individuals can practice. In reality, it’s as much a crucial part of the recording process as recording itself, because it is only after you have… Read More

7 Tips For Recording Better Guitars At Home

Making the most of what you’ve got Making the leap from just playing the guitar to actually writing your own songs with it is a fantastic experience. You never forget the buzz of writing your first riff, or composing your first full track. Better than the writing stage, however, is when you actually come to… Read More

Using Creative Automation In Your Daw

Making the machine do the work If you read the newspapers you would probably assume that automation, in the wider sense of the word, is coming to take our jobs and reduce humanity to slavery. That may be true – and this isn’t the place to get into those debates – but there is conversely… Read More

A Beginners Guide to the Novation Launchpad Pro

A complete video tutorial of the Novation Launchpad Pro Learning how to make beats, sample sounds and create your own tracks should be a fun learning curve, not something that scares you. When you open up that shiny box containing your Launchpad Pro, chances are (if you’re a beginner that is) you’re going to wonder… Read More

Best Apps For Guitarists

Second screen help for six stringers Guitarists are pretty fortunate these days. Aside from the unbelievable number of toys and tools on offer to augment their rigs, they are also the musicians who benefit most from the rise in popularity of smartphone and tablet devices. There are apps available now to do anything from helping… Read More

How To Record Piano

Techniques to help when only the real thing is good enough We’ve discussed before on this blog how musicians, producers and studio techs have things so easy nowadays. Any instrument you can think of is just a few clicks away thanks to the phenomenal advances in studio technology. These days anyone with a laptop and… Read More

A Beginner’s Guide To The Novation Circuit Groove Box

A complete video tutorial of the Novation Circuit If you’ve ever wondered where and how to start your journey into the world of electronic dance music, chances are you’ve felt it might be a little daunting. And we don’t blame you. With the sheer amount of gear available to you, it can be hard trying to… Read More

Microphone Placement: Art Or Science?

Tips and techniques to help you capture the sound you’re hearing The simple act of placing a microphone near an instrument to capture its sound is often shrouded in mystery. With so many options of where to place the mic, what mic type to use and how to optimise the setup, it can be quite… Read More