Optimise Your Rehearsal Space For Recording


Tips to help change the way you use your practice space For many artists, having their own private rehearsal space is a vital component in writing, managing a band and generally keeping sharp. Most people tend to start practising at home or at school, but once you reach a certain point you need to find your… Read More

Using Your Computer In A Live Situation


Tips for getting the most out of your set… With the sheer amount of sounds, instruments and effects stored on computers these days, it’s only natural you’ll want to investigate how you could potentially take advantage of them in a live situation. The modern computer is such a powerful thing that everything from guitar amp… Read More

Adding Sounds To Your Looping Setup


The musical world is your oyster If we said the phrase ‘one man band’ to you, you’d perhaps imagine one of those old boys with a harmonica wedged into his face, a huge kick drum strapped to his back and an acoustic guitar propped precariously around his neck. You see, in ye olde times, this was… Read More

Expand Your Tone With Footswitches


Pedal to the metal Guitarists have never had it so good. No matter what style you play, how you use your gear or what budget you run to, there is proper quality out there for everyone. As pedal manufacturers further expand their ranges into the nano/micro realm, there is now more choice and a smaller… Read More

20 Best Apps for Making Music


Making music, mobile style No doubt many musicians will be receiving a shiny new tablet device for Christmas this year. If it’s your first foray into mobile music-making then you’re in for a real treat, because the sheer amount of creative weaponry at your disposal is staggering. Everything is there from audio oddities designed with… Read More

Music Endorsements – The Myths, Busted.


Money for nothing and your kicks for free The life of a mega-selling rockstar must be pretty cool, right? Your day job involves doing something you’ve spent your life doing for fun. People respect/love/buy your creative output, and you get to travel the world performing to those very same adoring fans. You get to experience… Read More

iOS Music Gear Focus


A portable studio in your palm of your hand The list of superlatives you often hear when people talk about Apple’s iDevices are becoming a touch overplayed now. We all know about the amazing apps it can run, and the weird and wonderful sounds which can be achieved as a result, but how many people are actually… Read More

Bass Guitar Tuning Guide


How to get your low-end in check… How do I tune my Bass? This question has come up a lot recently and whilst writing this post I’ve been mindful to keep things simple and avoid the theoretical element of tuning, as it might leave the majority of people who are new to bass playing ‘in… Read More

5 Essential Blues Licks


Master these and never buy another beer again… Looking for some inspiration, tired of playing the same old licks? Welcome to the club! Sometimes just a few new licks can spur you on to great things. Here we look at 5 Bluesy licks and how you could use them. (Remember, you can always alter the… Read More

The Truth About True-Bypass


Your True-Bypass pedals may be killing your Guitar’s Tone, read on to find out why… What is True-Bypass? True-Bypass is a term that has become synonymous with bespoke, boutique, high value effects pedals and is often used in the manufacturer’s sales pitch. The premise is that the pedal’s circuitry is completely by-passed when not in… Read More