Bitwig Studio Review : The next generation of music software?


We take Bitwig Studio 1.0, “Designed by musicians, for musicians”, for a test drive Bitwig Studio first came to our attention a couple of years ago, promising a DAW, “designed by musicians for musicians”. Does it live up to the hype? We take it for a test drive… What’s in the box? Bitwig Studio boasts… Read More

What is String Bending?

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Contemporary guitar styles are nothing without bent notes, but what is string bending? The guitar has a lot going for it when compared to other instruments. I mean, is there another instrument that makes its player look so good? Plus, which instruments allow the player to strut around throwing shapes, whilst singing? I think not…… Read More

What Is Quantization?

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It’s one of the common and most useful features of music software, but what is quantization? These days, the modern DAW (digital audio workstation) software package has many powerful features that have evolved out of the hardware studio. Whereas, once upon a time, the hub of a computer-based studio was a MIDI sequencer, which simply… Read More

How To Set-Up A Portable Studio

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As technology gets smaller and more affordable, creating a portable studio is a reality – here are the key things you’ll need Not too long ago, anything that described itself as a portable studio was a convenient, but generally very compromised, multi-track recording solution. Laptops were not powerful enough to run serious software packages, and… Read More

What Is A Pull Off?

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When playing legato passages, these are your friend – but what is a pull off? When learning to play guitar, once you start to move on from the standard, fretting notes or chords with one hand, and strumming/ plucking with the other, there are some techniques that you read about, or come across in tablature,… Read More

What Is A Hammer On?

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It’s one of the most commonly used guitar techniques, but what is a hammer on? When learning to play, there are some terms that you’ll come across regularly, which, as beginner may make very little sense. Whether it relates to the guitar itself, (nut, lower bout, trem….?), or to technique, it can sometimes seem like… Read More

How To Improve Piano Technique In The New Year

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The New Year begins with good intentions – here are some good ways to improve your piano technique this year When the New Year begins, most people have some very good intentions, if you’re a pianist, these will no doubt extend to your playing in some way. This is very commendable, but if you don’t… Read More

Simple Ways To Revolutionise Your Studio Work

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What to freshen up your working practice? – Here are some ways to revolutionise your studio work… Inspiration is an elusive thing, and one that certain bad practices can chase away. For example, routine is good in terms of providing discipline in the creative world (ideas don’t come to you- you have to go out… Read More

Staying Motivated When You Learn To Play Guitar

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If you want to learn to play guitar, motivation is key – here are some tips to help you stay focused on the goal The first few weeks after you begin to learn to play guitar, are very exciting. You have a great new instrument, and you are taking the first steps towards emulating your… Read More

Farida Jamie MacColl Is Awarded Five Stars

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Acoustic Magazine gets its hands on another Artist Designed guitar – the Farida Jamie MacColl is awarded five stars The limited edition Farida Artist Designed range of guitars has been steadily winning plaudits (and admiring looks) since it was launched a few years ago. Since then, there have been countless performances from some of music’s… Read More