A Guide To Drum Tuning


Underlining the importance of drum tuning One of the most common questions I am asked by fellow drummers is “How do you tune drums?” I also remember the days when I found myself asking this regularly too. You can get quite ambiguous responses to this question and there isn’t solely one technique to this sometimes… Read More

How to Change A Drum Head

Natal Drums

Like changing strings on a guitar, learning how to change a drum head is essential for a drummer – here’s how If you’ve just started drumming, and spent a good period giving your drums some abuse, you might well have put a hole in one of your drum heads (drum skins). Sadly, like all musical… Read More

How to Pick Drumsticks

Drumstick tip

For the beginner, learning how to pick drumsticks can be a task – here we demystify the ‘code’… Like many things in the musical world, knowing how to pick drumsticks is something that requires a bit of knowledge. Each stick type has a code that describes it, and even then, there is the question of… Read More