Five Recording Preparation Tips

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Before you hit the ‘record’ button, here are five recording preparation tips to help your session go smoothly… If you’re in a band you’ll no doubt be familiar with the concept of regular rehearsal for gigs. After all, if you ‘fail to prepare, then prepare to fail’, as the phrase goes… When it comes to… Read More

How to Change A Drum Head

How to Change a Drum Head - Mirage Rave Drum Kit

Like changing strings on a guitar, learning how to change a drum head is essential for a drummer – here’s how If you’ve just started drumming, and spent a good period giving your drums some abuse, you might well have put a hole in one of your drum heads (drum skins). Sadly, like all musical… Read More

Dawsons Music Schools

Dawsons Music Schools

Learn to play at Dawsons Music Schools At Dawsons, our primary aim is to serve the needs of musicians, and one of the most important ways in which we do this is via our music schools. We have five music schools across the UK, each teaching a range of different instruments. With centres in Altrincham,… Read More