Scratch Masterclass on Affordable Numark DJ Gear

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DJ Rasp and DJ Jim Reiss demonstrate the incredible scratch performance available from the most affordable Numark DJ gear We were lucky enough to have some incredible DJ talent in-store at the recent DJ School UK open day in Huddersfield. Along with founder Jim Reiss, DMC champ and Numark endorsee, DJ Rasp came along to… Read More

What Are Scenes In Ableton?

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Mastering scenes in Ableton is the key to great live performances and improvised jams… When Ableton Live was launched, it was, as the name suggests, aimed at live performance of electronic music. The key to this was the session view. In this, each ‘channel’ had a series of clips slots, in which audio files could… Read More

Using Cuepoints In Your DJ Set


Using Cuepoints when DJ-ing is one of the biggest advantages of a digital set-up- here are 5 great ways to use them Digital DJ-ing brought with it a bounty of features that weren’t possible with vinyl. Many of these related to the fact that digital mediums were able to jump instantly from one point in… Read More

Evolution Of DJ Technology


DJ Technology has evolved beyond recognition over the last 50 years – here, we look at its history… Despite having a relatively short history, DJ technology has evolved beyond all recognition since the days that DJ gear first began to appear in the ‘60s. Here we take a look at how things have changed since… Read More

What Is Audio Latency?

Audio Latency

What is audio latency? – We look at what causes it, and how to fix it Audio latency is the scourge of the recording world. Wherever there is computer-based recording, you’ll hear talk of it. If you’re new to recording and music tech, you might well wonder what it is, and why it’s such a… Read More

New Features In Ableton Live 9 – Audio to MIDI

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Ableton Live 9 ‘s new suite of features includes powerful new Audio to MIDI functions… Ableton Live 9 has now launched, and its plethora of new features and functions are already causing a stir. Some of the biggest new additions to its toolset are the new audio to MIDI functions. Several DAWs have offered the… Read More

How To Plan A DJ Set


Regardless of the gig, you need to know how to plan a DJ set – here are some tips how to do it… Like any performance, planning underpins a DJ gig to varying degrees, so if you want to perform well, you really need to know how to plan a DJ set. It might seem… Read More

How To Sort Your DJ Library

How to Organise Your DJ Library

You’ve got a DJ Library stuffed full of great tunes – but what’s the best way of organising it? Back in the days when vinyl or CD was the medium of choice for the gigging DJ, carrying a whole DJ library to the gig was no a possibility. Instead, the DJ would plan what they… Read More

5 Ways To Breath New Life Into Your DJ Set


If you feel your DJ set has been re-treading old ground of late, here’s 6 ways to freshen it up… Regardless of the gear you are currently using to perform your DJ set, you’d be hard-pressed to ignore the digital revolution that’s taken place in the DJ World in recent years. Performance moved from vinyl… Read More

XDJ-Aero Tutorial Videos Published

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Pioneer has revealed a range of XDJ-Aero Tutorial videos via its YouTube channel YouTube is a colossal resource, with instructional videos of every kind, and now thanks to Pioneer, a range of XDJ-Aero tutorial videos have added to this. The XDJ-Aero was one of the biggest new products of 2012, revolutionising the DJ world by… Read More