7 Tips For Recording Better Guitars At Home

Making the most of what you’ve got Making the leap from just playing the guitar to actually writing your own songs with it is a fantastic experience. You never forget the buzz of writing your first riff, or composing your first full track. Better than the writing stage, however, is when you actually come to… Read More

How To Record Piano

Techniques to help when only the real thing is good enough We’ve discussed before on this blog how musicians, producers and studio techs have things so easy nowadays. Any instrument you can think of is just a few clicks away thanks to the phenomenal advances in studio technology. These days anyone with a laptop and… Read More

Microphone Placement: Art Or Science?

Tips and techniques to help you capture the sound you’re hearing The simple act of placing a microphone near an instrument to capture its sound is often shrouded in mystery. With so many options of where to place the mic, what mic type to use and how to optimise the setup, it can be quite… Read More

Recording Multiple Instruments At The Same Time

Tips and techniques for simultaneous recording We’ve all been in the situation where we need to record something quickly. Where you don’t want to mess around with overdubs. Where you’re trying to capture the moment of performance in one fell swoop. It may be that amazing riff you come up with, with the killer melody,… Read More

Recording Great Backing Vocals At Home

Updated 28/12/16 Pop, Rock and everything in-between  – we look at how to record backing vocals at home Adding backing vocals to your recordings, whether at home or in the studio is an essential part of the recording process. It adds weight to your overall sound and really makes your lead vocals shine. No matter… Read More

Recording In Your Hotel Room – Portable Studio Solutions

Some of the best portable recording options for a touring musician When writing music, the Muse strikes when it feels like, not when you want it to, so you need to be able to get ideas down as quickly as possible when inspiration shows its face. If you’re a touring musician or producer, you’ve likely kicked… Read More

Recording Acoustic Guitar At Home

Acoustic recording techniques to get you started A well-produced acoustic guitar is one of recorded music’s greatest treats. While many acoustics do come with pickups built in so they can be played through an amplifier or into a desk or DAW, the true beauty of an acoustic guitar comes in its unplugged, stripped back nature. Steel… Read More

Survival Tips For The Recording Studio First Timer

Don’t take it for granted – this is your chance to create history So you’re heading into the studio to lay down your first single, EP or, if you’re lucky, a debut album. With the rise of the home studio artist and the copious amounts of completely affordable portable studio equipment available, the recording studio… Read More

What Is A Dynamic Microphone

A closer look at the most commonly used microphone type Within the world of microphones, each variety has benefits and drawbacks depending on the application. Condenser microphones often work best in a studio setting on account of their sensitivity to a wide range of musical frequencies, however they require a power source and are often more fragile than other mics… Read More

Acoustic Treatment Basics

Tame those wild frequencies For those of us who have home studio setups, or a recording rig at their band room, the issue of acoustic treatment is one which perhaps goes under the radar slightly. Sure, we’ve all seen those pictures of high end studios with obscurely shaped pieces of foam on the walls and muttered… Read More