It’s Festival Season!

It's Festival Season

Glastonbury, V-Festival, The Big Chill, The Isle of White Festival,  Download, Leeds, Reading… When the summer comes there is nothing more amazing than joining thousands of other festival goers for a messy, non-stop, band-filled, mammoth of a party that lasts for days on end!  The ritual begins with the packing of the rucksack: “wellies –… Read More

Girls Need Guitars! – A Tribute To Great Female Guitarists

Joan Jett

Boys might need girls but some girls just need guitars and some boys need girls who just need guitars. It’s complicated. If your idea of the iconic rock-guitarist is a spandex-clad, hairy-chested, poodle-permed, plank-spanking version of a professional wrestler then we’d like to broaden your mind. Girls play guitar too and they can be just… Read More

Piano Rental Now Available

What Do The Different Parts Of A Piano Do?

You can now rent acoustic pianos from our stores. The new rental scheme is called “Concert Plan” and is only available on acoustic pianos. We can offer the rental on all pianos up to a maximum of £12,000.  As an example, a piano that we sell for £2000 would work out at £99.80 per month… Read More

Guide To Buying Your First Guitar

Redwood RS1 White

A guitar makes a great Christmas present. So that you choose the right one, Here’s a quick guide to a few things you should always ask and look out for when buying your first guitar. If someone is thinking of getting you a guitar for Christmas this year, or if you’re looking at buying one… Read More