Synth Riffs You May Have Missed

Oscillators have feelings too y’know What with all the recent excitement about the BBC’s guitar riffs poll, lovers of a slightly less mainstream instrument may have been feeling slightly left out. You see, their instrument can be as obscure, musical and plain filthy as any guitar riff, yet garners nowhere near the same hero worship… Read More

10 Things About Gigging…

The show must go on Gigging is, for most people, the fun part of playing an instrument. Those long hours of practicing, writing tracks, re-arranging chord structures, tinkering with effects pedals and elongating difficult outros are usually done with one singular end-goal; getting up on a stage and showing the world what you can do when… Read More

Guitar Riffs The BBC Missed From Its Top 100…

An alternative list of stonkers, bangers and cheeky little neck twitchers Writers of ‘top 100’ style lists are on a hiding to nothing, generally. Especially when said list has wildly exaggerated titles like “TOP 100 GREATEST GUITAR RIFFS OF ALL TIME EVER.” See, music is different to, for example, sport. By its very nature, music is almost exclusively… Read More

Interview: Converge’s Kurt Ballou

Heavy music legend Kurt Ballou offers advice for taking your recordings to the next level With an established career under his belt playing guitar for veteran US hardcore band Converge, you could excuse Kurt Ballou for being content with the influence he has already had on the heavy music scene. With a career spanning nearly… Read More

Music As A Force For Good

Therapy sessions help aid recovery at Liverpool’s Alder Hey hospital There are all kinds of motivations for picking up and learning an instrument. Some people aspire to be like their heroes, the guitarists and DJs which fuel our passion for music in the first place. For others, music is simply an effective way of making… Read More

Musikmesse 2014 – Our Top Picks

Every year the Musikmesse show in Frankfurt brings us new pieces of gear from every corner of the musical equipment world. This year the show promised a lot and has given us even more with huge releases from Roland, Boss, Akai, Korg and plenty of other suppliers. Check out our top picks below and make… Read More

The Evolution Of Beats – Roland TR-909

The Roland TR 909 did for House and Techno what the 808 did for Hip Hop, and here’s how… Think of House and Techno music, and certain defining qualities spring to mind. The first is most likely to be a four-to-the floor beat, with a kick drum sound whose almighty ‘thump’ would cut through any… Read More

New Wombats Single – ‘Your Body Is A Weapon’

There’s a new Wombats single coming imminently, and to celebrate, you can get a Farida Wombats at a great price! An all new Wombats single was announced last week, the first new material from the Liverpool band since 2011’s ‘A Modern Glitch’. ‘Your Body Is A Weapon’ is set for release on the 2nd October,… Read More

Mercury Prize 2013 – Some Of The Arctic Monkeys Gear

Once again, we take a look at how the Mercury nominees create their sound: this time, we take a look at some of The Arctic Monkeys gear They were the toast of Glastonbury in the summer, 5th album ‘AM’ became the second fastest selling album of the year (debuting at no.1) and now, the lads… Read More

Mercury Prize 2013 – Jon Hopkins’ Gear

We take a look at some of Mercury nominee Jon Hopkins’ gear… Jon Hopkins is part of a very select group of musicians that have been nominated for a Mercury prize more than once. Back in 2011, his album ‘Insides’ was nominated, and this year, current album ‘Immunity’ made the shortlist. (In addition, his collaboration… Read More