Line 6 Sonic Port VX Review

Line 6 Sonic Port VX Review

Pod Farm on your iPad We’ve done a few of these reviews lately, looking at gear which promises to open up the wonderful world of recording on your tablet. From Alesis IO Dock II through to our recent round up of cool iOS gear, there’s plenty of options open to anyone looking to enter the… Read More

What Next For Marshall Amps?

Marshall Logo

What does the future hold for the biggest name in the industry? It might be premature to call it a ‘fork in the road’ moment for Marshall Amps. It feels almost sacrilegious to think it; this is after all one of, if not THE, biggest brand a musician can call on. It’s famous logo pervades… Read More

M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro Review

Trigger Finger Pro

Lifting the lid on M-Audio’s long awaited MIDI controller update The original M-Audio Trigger Finger, launched in the mid-2000’s, was among the first mainstream controllers which delivered proper control of computer based music production software via your computers USB. It wasn’t the first on the market to have such a level of connectivity, but it did… Read More

Gibson Memory Cable Review


Musical amnesia a thing of the past thanks to unique new cable Ever had an idea so good, so unbelievably unique and so downright exciting that you can’t wait to share it with the rest of your band/friends/mum, only to completely forget it later? It’s the worst feeling you can have as a musician; you spend… Read More

Alesis iO Dock II Review


Studio ready sounds from your iPad Seems a good time to be sharing our Alesis iO Dock II review. I mean let’s be honest, recording musicians have never had it so good. From affordably priced recording gear through to accessible software programmes, there are solutions out there for anybody of any skill level. It hasn’t always been… Read More

New Beginner V-Drum Kits From Roland

Roland logo black

Entry level excellence There is no shortage of drum kits available for beginners – from the full size, full noise ‘shells and skins’ of an acoustic drum kit to the space saving, low noise convenience of electronic drum kits. Choosing the right kit is usually a compromise between quality and price, particularly when you’re starting… Read More

Review: TC Electronic Mini Flashback Delay Pedal

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A Tardis-like delay pedal for a ‘next gen’ pedal board… The Credentials Taking a few pointers from its larger brother, the TC Flashback delay and looper, the mini version is packed with the following features. Delay, Feedback, and FX Level controls TonePrint-enabled Free TonePrint Editor – create your own custom delay pedal Beam enabled Build… Read More

Boss GT-001 Review

Boss GT-001

Lowdown on Boss’ box of desktop tricks The guitar world is changing. On one hand, you have the players who swear by the time-honoured tradition of plugging a guitar into a box which makes things very loud. Relationships with computer-based guitar trickery range from ‘handy to have, but I’ll stick to my proper amp’, through… Read More

Marshall Guitar Pack Review

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A complete guitar starter pack for new rockers? We take a closer look… First impressions Overall, the guitar pack is very well packaged and nicely presented, it’s got the whole “surprise present” look about it if you catch our drift? Unpacking the contents reveal a myriad of different goodies to keep us busy. First up, the guitar…. Read More

BOSS Goes Old School With Its New WAZA Pedals

BOSS featured image

The Waza Craft Series promises all Analog components and premium sound quality, so what’s the story? The new BOSS Waza Craft pedals have just been announced with 3 new compacts kicking off the series. Old favourites such as the BD-2 Blues Driver and the DM-2 Delay have been given the “WAZA” treatment and promise to… Read More