Fender American Standard Range

Fender Bridge

Aspirational axes for the working musician Fender’s American Standard range are the gold label, premier league guitars of your dreams. It’s the guitar your mate’s dad had when you were 14 and starting out, and you weren’t allowed to play. It’s the guitar the player in the big band plays when they’re raking in mega coin… Read More

TC Electronic Ditto Stereo Looper Review


Looping fun in full stereo TC Electronic has further added to its roster of compact looping pedals. The Ditto range, which launched in 2013, has grown wildly as guitarists recognise the potential on offer from loop pedals. By entering the market with a solid product, which was well made and didn’t cost the earth, the company… Read More

Roland JD-Xi Review


Portable analogue/digital crossover synth hits the spot The sub-£500 synth space is booming nowadays, with offerings from all the usual names finding favour among musicians. From the evergreen Korg Microkorg through to the superb Arturia Microbrute, there are plenty of tempting options if you’re looking to bolster your rig with all manner of high quality synth… Read More

Focusrite Red Plugin Review


Classic compressor and EQ make their plugin debut The Focusrite Red range of studio outboard gear has been used in top studios the world over for decades. Introduced in 1994, the entire range, clad in its distinctive red casing, found favour with the professionals on account of its super-high clarity and versatility, pure and simple…. Read More

Blackstar Fly 3 Review

Blackstar Fly 3

Mini amp offers great tones and portability from tiny unit Just as a few years ago there was a glut of ‘lunchbox’ style amps which flooded the market, there now seems to be a trend towards amps which are at home in your front room as they are in your studio. We’ve had so-called lounge… Read More

Roland Aira MX-1 Review

Aira range from Roland

MX-1 performance mixer from Roland is the final piece of the Aira jigsaw Coming in around a year after the launch of the rest of the (existing) Aira range, the Roland MX-1 performance mixer should arguably have been there from the start. Positioned as the centrepiece of any self-respecting Aira studio, or any other hardware… Read More

Roland Announces Aira Modular Range


Synth range goes plug and play The release in 2014 of Roland’s new Aira range of synths, drum machines and other such electronic goodies marked a new chapter in the history of the famous Japanese company. Coming at a time when synth-love was reaching fever pitch, thanks to a new wave of electronic musician, Aira… Read More

Novation Launch Control XL Review

Body-image-5_0 (1)

Portable device offers parameter and mixer control for Live The Novation Launch Control XL device has arrived, and brings with it a host of control and sound manipulation possibilities. While not an instrument as such, the Launch Control XL instead offers a way of controlling the various features of Live which don’t fall under the… Read More

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators


Hardware synth machines that fit in your pocket Every now and then, a product comes along which has an undeniable cool factor about it. Something which either looks completely different, or creates interesting and unique sounds, or that has some other crazy unique selling point which you’d never even entertained before. Even more rare than… Read More

Novation Audiohub Review


Interface offers extra tricks to help producers and performers Universal Serial Bus, or USB, is a pretty wonderful thing, isn’t it. All manner of devices can be powered, controlled and used thanks to that tiny connector, and the possibilities keep on growing. Unfortunately, this also has problems of its own. Computers tend to only have a… Read More