Roland Announces Aira Modular Range


Synth range goes plug and play The release in 2014 of Roland’s new Aira range of synths, drum machines and other such electronic goodies marked a new chapter in the history of the famous Japanese company. Coming at a time when synth-love was reaching fever pitch, thanks to a new wave of electronic musician, Aira… Read More

Novation Launch Control XL Review

Body-image-5_0 (1)

Portable device offers parameter and mixer control for Live The Novation Launch Control XL device has arrived, and brings with it a host of control and sound manipulation possibilities. While not an instrument as such, the Launch Control XL instead offers a way of controlling the various features of Live which don’t fall under the… Read More

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators


Hardware synth machines that fit in your pocket Every now and then, a product comes along which has an undeniable cool factor about it. Something which either looks completely different, or creates interesting and unique sounds, or that has some other crazy unique selling point which you’d never even entertained before. Even more rare than… Read More

Novation Audiohub Review


Interface offers extra tricks to help producers and performers Universal Serial Bus, or USB, is a pretty wonderful thing, isn’t it. All manner of devices can be powered, controlled and used thanks to that tiny connector, and the possibilities keep on growing. Unfortunately, this also has problems of its own. Computers tend to only have a… Read More

Taking Control With Akai Advance Controllers


Smart keyboard promises next level integration with software studios The recent arrival of Native Instruments’ Kontrol S series of keyboards proved that there is definitely an appetite for dedicated, software specific gear. What Kontrol S did really, really well was integrate with Komplete to bring a level of tactile responsiveness to what is essentially a… Read More

The Most Versatile Pickup Combination Ever?

Fender Strat

All the tonal options you may ever need For it’s 2015 range, Fender has clearly focused on versatility. If the range tells us anything, it’s that the company is pitching their newest models as ‘all things to all players’ on account of the myriad pickup configurations on display. You see, everyone knows a Strat has… Read More

Novation Launchkey Mini Overview


Novation Launch family welcomes keyboard controller to its ranks Novation is really going all-out with its Launch range of products. Already we’ve seen a new version of the famous Launchpad controller, along with a superb new audio interface with integrated USB hub. Well, you can add a rather natty looking USB MIDI keyboard controller to that… Read More

The World’s Most Iconic Microphone


Shure’s masterpiece stands the test of time 2015 seems to be a good year for anniversaries; only recently we covered the fact that Martin’s famous D-35 acoustic had reached the 50 year milestone in its long, rich history. Well, this month that figure is bettered by perhaps the single most recognisable piece of musical equipment… Read More

Martin D-35 Turns 50


Happy Birthday to Martin’s classic dreadnought 2015 is a special year for Martin Guitars. The American company is marking the 50th anniversary of one of the music world’s best known instruments; the D-35. Martin itself is a lot older, dating back to 1833, but it was in 1965 that perhaps the company’s best known guitar was born…. Read More

Novation Launchpad S Overview


Updated Ableton controller hits the right buttons If you have any interest in electronic music, or any recording in general, you’ll be familiar with Ableton Live. Or, more specifically, you’ll be aware of one of its main selling points; it’s clip-launching session view. Pieces of audio or MIDI are recorded into boxes which, when lined… Read More