5 Great Combo Amps From 2015

Five of the best from 2015 The humble combination amplifier, or combo, is a vital tool for many guitarists, particularly those who don’t relish the thought of lugging separate amp heads and speaker cabs up and down flights of stairs as they travel from venue to venue. Combining the amp’s internal gubbins and its speaker… Read More

Three New Gibson 2016 Models

Welcoming back some old favourites The launch of the Gibson 2016 range has brought with it a number of surprises. The new two-tiered approach, covering traditional and high performance models, has been well received, giving players the option of buying a new model with or without the extra frippery like e-tuning systems. But its the return… Read More

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Review

Pocket sized operator offers a world of fun Teenage Engineering is an interesting company. Operating on the fringes of the mainstream musical instrument scene, the Swedish brand produces a small range of interesting, unique and extremely stylised items which are quite unlike anything else on the market. As such, they don’t have much in the… Read More

Strymon Big Sky Review

Bring out the big guns It’s one of the perks of writing these articles for Dawsons that we get to try out a lot of different gear. Loads. At any given time we have a list as long as your arm of new and exciting bits of musical equipment that we need to, for want… Read More

Strymon Blue Sky Review

Vibrant reverbs from boutique American pedal brand Reverb is perhaps the simplest guitar effect of all. By emulating the effects of space and air on our guitar tone, we can add instant warmth and depth to a dry sound, giving it life and sustain. Indeed, hearing a clean electric guitar through a nice amp, with… Read More

The Rise Of The DAW Controller

Platform-specific controllers leading the way If you use a computer-based studio, chances are you’re using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). DAWs are the software packages you use to see visually what’s being recorded, the different settings and parameters you have in place, and the timeline onto which you lay out your song structures. The bigger… Read More

Pigtronix Infinity Looper Review

Serious looper with plenty of tricks up its sleeve The American pedal brand Pigtronix has a wonderfully bizarre range of gear, ranging from the Echolution 2 delay pedal, which boasts more knobs than a butter-measuring convention, to a quite intimidating (but fantastic sounding) PXEMT tremolo pedal which looks like it requires an in-depth knowledge of industrial engineering. They also do… Read More

Pigtronix Philosopher’s Tone Review

American-made compressor/boost pedal brings the sustain American pedal brand Pigtronix has long specialised in the esoteric. Big enough to warrant a place on many a pro pedalboard, yet small enough to fly under the radar of many ‘regular’ players, the New York-based manufacturer has slowly carved itself a niche by offering slightly off-the-wall pedals to… Read More

Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Mini Wah Review

Pedalboard friendly funk machine When it comes to current pedalboard trends it seems that size does indeed matter. We have seen a huge increase in the prevalence of diminutive stompers over the last few years, from the TC Electronic mini range to Electro Harmonix’s marginally larger Nano series. Players have been won over by the… Read More

Doppler Labs Here – Future Sound?

New project aims to give you volume control on life itself At a gig recently a friend commented about how he had a hard time hearing what was being played. See, my friend wears a hearing aid normally, and had recently been fitted out with a special digital set to help improve the overall balance… Read More