Black Stone Cherry Performance Saved by Dawsons

Black Stone Cherry

Dawsons Music help out US Metal Band Black Stone Cherry with a Cajon We like to help where we can at Dawsons, and when US Southern-Fried metal band Black Stone Cherry were in need of assistance, we are happy to say we could offer a hand. Black Stone Cherry was formed in Kentucky in 2001…. Read More

Stone Roses’ Reni Plays Roland TD20KX!

Stone Roses Cover

Legendary Stone Roses Drummer, Reni, is playing a Roland TD20KX! The Flagship Roland TD20KX drum kit is now in the hands of Alan ‘Reni’ Wren from the Stone Roses, one the UK’s most influential drummers. The terms ‘influential’ and ‘legendary’ are thrown around with casual abandon in the music industry. Yet, there are those who… Read More

Roland SPD-SX, Craig Blundell Demo Video

Roland SPD-SX

Top UK Session Drummer, Craig Blundell, gives a video tour of the superb Roland SPD-SX The Roland SPD-SX is the most advanced and feature loaded sample performance pad ever made. Capable of recording, looping and manipulating samples on the fly, in ways no other unit can compare with, the pad is an essential addition to… Read More

Dawsons Manchester Drums Department Expands!

Sabian AAX Omni

You’ll often hear drummer’s lamenting that in city centre Manchester drums are hard to come by. Well, in the Manchester area, at least. And it’s true, that of all of the major Rock ‘n’ Roll/ Contemporary instrumentalists, drummers have been the least well served. In response to this, one of the major changes our Manchester… Read More

Stevie Wonder Tries Out the New KORG Wavedrum Oriental

Stevie Wonder Plays the Korg Wavedrum Oriental

The Korg Wavedrum has lead the way with digital hand percussion since its first incarnation in 1994. In 2009 Korg upped their game with the Wavedrum WD-X which updated the Wavedrum massively to include a huge array of world percussion sounds and an amazingly natural playing surface. The Korg WD-X is expressive, dynamic and playable… Read More

Dawsons Manchester looks sexy in black!

Dawsons Logo

The guitar department of our Manchester store has recently undergone an impressive makeover. The whole of the 2nd floor has been refurbished and reorganised to give the good people of Manchester the guitar experience they deserve! The department feels bigger and airier. The electric guitars look stunning against the cool black slatwall and the acoustics… Read More

Beginners Guide to Buying Drums and Drum Kits

Manchester Drums Department

A guide to choosing the right beginners drum kit covering junior drum kits, full size drum kits, lacquer drum kits and electronic drums and percussion. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet