Three New Gibson 2016 Models

Welcoming back some old favourites The launch of the Gibson 2016 range has brought with it a number of surprises. The new two-tiered approach, covering traditional and high performance models, has been well received, giving players the option of buying a new model with or without the extra frippery like e-tuning systems. But its the return… Read More

Fender American Standard Range

Aspirational axes for the working musician Fender’s American Standard range are the gold label, premier league guitars of your dreams. It’s the guitar your mate’s dad had when you were 14 and starting out, and you weren’t allowed to play. It’s the guitar the player in the big band plays when they’re raking in mega coin… Read More

The Most Versatile Pickup Combination Ever?

All the tonal options you may ever need For it’s 2015 range, Fender has clearly focused on versatility. If the range tells us anything, it’s that the company is pitching their newest models as ‘all things to all players’ on account of the myriad pickup configurations on display. You see, everyone knows a Strat has… Read More

Gibson G-Force: Under The Hood

Rise of the machines There’s been a lot of talk in guitar circles about Gibson’s decision to include, as standard, its G-Force tuning system on the vast majority of its 2015 range. The headstock mounted auto-tuner takes away the freedom of the player. It assumes we don’t already know how to tune a guitar, or… Read More

Gibson 2015 vs. 2014

Famous range enhanced for 2015 As it continues apace with its plans to annually refresh its iconic range of guitars, Gibson has ushered in a few surprises with its 2015 collection. Sure, the same old faces are still there, from Les Paul Junior through to Standard via the obligatory SGs, but with slight amendments made… Read More

The Birth Of The 9 String Electric Guitar

8 strings not enough for you? How about 9! They’re here! The extended range monsters which seem to have divided opinion amongst guitar players, giving rise to online arguments over their purpose and use. Also, let’s not forget our Bass playing friends whose sonic territory is being invaded, how do they feel about it? But… Read More

Five Great Epiphone Models To Celebrate 140 Years

After 140 Years, there are more than a few classic Epiphone models – here are five You may have already heard that that 2013 marks 140 years since Epiphone began. The idea of a guitar brand of this age is mind-boggling (is there an older guitar company?) For a brand to last this long, it… Read More

Brian May Gets His Hands On Min-ETune Technology

Gibson’s new Min-ETune Technology is causing a stir – Brian May praises his new Min-ETune equipped SG One of the most unexpected additions to the 2013 Gibson catalogue was the addition of Min-ETune automatic tuning systems. Auto-tuning tech is not new to Gibson- the brand has pioneered this with groundbreaking guitars such as the Robot… Read More

Farida Wombats Murph Signature Now In Stock

Artist Designed #4 is here – Buy the Farida Wombats Murph Signature Now! The fourth Artist Designed guitar has arrived in stock – the Farida Wombats Murph signature model, also known as the CT-20. This is the second electric guitar in this highly limited range, and it maintains the ‘leftfield’ idiosyncrasies for which the brand… Read More

50th Anniversary of Marshall Les Paul Bluesbreaker Package In Stock

The 50th Anniversary of Marshall Les Paul and Bluesbreaker collectors package has now arrived at Dawsons The highly limited Gibson 50th Anniversary of Marshall Les Paul and Bluesbreaker package has arrived in stock at Dawsons. This stunning collectors pack celebrates the pairing of rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest icons: the Les Paul guitar, and the Marshall… Read More