Marshall Guitar Pack Review

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A complete guitar starter pack for new rockers? We take a closer look… First impressions Overall, the guitar pack is very well packaged and nicely presented, it’s got the whole “surprise present” look about it if you catch our drift? Unpacking the contents reveal a myriad of different goodies to keep us busy. First up, the guitar…. Read More

The Birth Of The 9 String Electric Guitar

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8 strings not enough for you? How about 9! They’re here! The extended range monsters which seem to have divided opinion amongst guitar players, giving rise to online arguments over their purpose and use. Also, let’s not forget our Bass playing friends whose sonic territory is being invaded, how do they feel about it? But… Read More

Five Great Epiphone Models To Celebrate 140 Years

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After 140 Years, there are more than a few classic Epiphone models – here are five You may have already heard that that 2013 marks 140 years since Epiphone began. The idea of a guitar brand of this age is mind-boggling (is there an older guitar company?) For a brand to last this long, it… Read More

Brian May Gets His Hands On Min-ETune Technology

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Gibson’s new Min-ETune Technology is causing a stir – Brian May praises his new Min-ETune equipped SG One of the most unexpected additions to the 2013 Gibson catalogue was the addition of Min-ETune automatic tuning systems. Auto-tuning tech is not new to Gibson- the brand has pioneered this with groundbreaking guitars such as the Robot… Read More

Ibanez Iron label Guitars Coming Soon

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The new Ibanez Iron Label guitar range provides everything we love about Ibanez – Pure ‘Metal’ Guitars with no unwanted extras With the new Ibanez Iron Label guitar range, the Japanese brand seems to have distilled all of the aspects that make their instruments such a hit with the metal fraternity, and trimmed away anything… Read More

New Fender Mandolin Pays Tribute To The Stratocaster

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A new Fender Mandolin offers the classic electric mandolin features with Strat styling – the Mando-Strat is born… The Fender Mandolin range has long been a favourite among mando players who want to take their performances live within a band. Providing onboard pickups, with ‘bombproof’ construction, these are true workman’s tools, much like their guitar… Read More

Telecaster Resonator? Hmm…

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Fender releases a Telecaster resonator that combines two classic guitars to produce one truly unique instrument The concept of a Telecaster resonator is one that, when you think about it, sort of makes sense. Both instruments are a staple within blues and country music, so combining a standard resonator design with a classic Tele, might… Read More

Farida Wombats Murph Signature Now In Stock

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Artist Designed #4 is here – Buy the Farida Wombats Murph Signature Now! The fourth Artist Designed guitar has arrived in stock – the Farida Wombats Murph signature model, also known as the CT-20. This is the second electric guitar in this highly limited range, and it maintains the ‘leftfield’ idiosyncrasies for which the brand… Read More

Fender Pawn Shop Series Expands

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The Fender Pawn Shop range has some new and interesting takes on classic guitars for 2013… The Fender Pawn Shop range has been one of the most interesting developments from California’s finest in recent years. Billed as ‘guitars that never were but should have been’, the range is evocative of some of the more unusual… Read More

Epiphone Guitars to Rock Christmas

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Here are three great Epiphone guitars likely to put a smile on anyone’s face this Christmas We help an awfully large number of Epiphone Guitars find their way to new homes, here at Dawsons. As you might expect, a large chuck of these leave our stores and warehouse over the Christmas period, and with good… Read More