An Amazing Year For Fender Gets Even Better

Discussing the new Fender 2016 Deluxe range of guitars 2016 has been an absolute landmark year for Fender, with the brand releasing some absolute essential instruments and amplifiers for professional musicians such as the Elite Range and Fender Bassbreaker series of amps. The release of the Fender Elite range in particular has seen the brand… Read More

Best Guitars From Brands You May Not Have Heard Of

It may be time for you to switch brand There’s a huge range of different guitars on the market, each brand having their own style and loyal following. If you’re a Gibson loyalist, a Fender enthusiast or an Ibanez fan for instance, it’s fairly commonplace to stick to the brands you love, which is of course… Read More

Talking Tiny Terror and O Bass – Orange Amplification Interview

We talk new gear with the legendary Adrian Emsley NAMM 2016 was a fantastic year for the guitar world, yielding new products from some of the world’s most prestigious and well-known brands, including Orange. We have already spoken about some of this new equipment in an earlier blog, but at NAMM 2016 we were lucky enough to chat to Orange Technical… Read More

Fender Acoustic Paramount Series Interview

High-end acoustics for the gigging musician Part look to the future and part nod to the past, the Fender Paramount series is beautiful acoustic guitar series that should get gigging musicians very excited. Dawsons spoke to Mark, Fender Product Specialist, at NAMM 2016 about the inspiration behind the design and sound of this high quality range of… Read More

Fender Interview – Discussing The American Fender Elite Series

Fender Elite – the next step in the evolution of the guitar Fender guitars are synonymous with popular music. Maintaining their position as one of the most revered and widely used brands in music, evolving their equipment to suit the modern musician whilst keeping one foot firmly in their deep rooted history, Fender refuse to be… Read More

Of Amps And Apps – An Interview On The New Marshall CODE Series

Marshall CODE series unveiled at NAMM 2016 Marshall have been very busy recently, releasing two great new series of amps at NAMM 2016, namely the CODE and 2525 Mini Jubilee. It is the CODE series that has really captured our attention, with its huge selection of classic preprogrammed sounds and its seemless connectivity with smart devices…. Read More

New Marshall Amps Unveiled For 2016

A step into the future and a reissue of a classic. Marshall, one of the most famous names in amplification, have never been a brand to ignore the ever changing needs of the modern musician, whether it’s the need for modelling capabilities, smaller more compact products for the touring musician or connectivity. Whilst keeping one… Read More

New Orange Amps, Pedals And Bass For NAMM 2016

Happy birthday to a legend! All the big names in the world of guitar equipment have something special to show at NAMM 2016, and British institution Orange are no exception. As well as rightly reflecting on past successes, they are also continuing to  expand outwards from amplifiers and producing some quite remarkble new bass guitars and… Read More

Fender Announce New Elite Series

New neck, noisless pick-ups and more. Fender unveil Elite series for 2016… Fender never disappoint when it comes to new product reveals and this year their appearance at NAMM 2016 has set guitar lovers in a tailspin. With the introduction of the new Fender Elite series of guitars and basses comes a variety of fantastic… Read More

Fender Announce Paramount Acoustics at NAMM 2016

Beautifully crafted acoustics for the discerning guitar player NAMM 2016 is the best day ever for musicians, especially guitarists, as announcements about new products really get us going. Fender have never been a brand to disappoint and this year is no exception. With the announcement of their new Paramount series of acoustics, the musical heavyweights have propelled… Read More