Bitwig Studio Review : The next generation of music software?


We take Bitwig Studio 1.0, “Designed by musicians, for musicians”, for a test drive Bitwig Studio first came to our attention a couple of years ago, promising a DAW, “designed by musicians for musicians”. Does it live up to the hype? We take it for a test drive… What’s in the box? Bitwig Studio boasts… Read More

Five Great Compact Audio Interfaces

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As the mobile production set-up becomes the norm, we take a look at five great, compact audio interfaces As the portable recording rig becomes an astonishingly powerful reality (and rapidly becomes the norm), there are certain bits of gear that are essential to these new, pared-down set-ups. The hub of everything is, of course, the… Read More

The Evolution Of Beats – Roland TR-808

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Some bits of music gear lay claim to being iconic but few have shaped music like the TR-808 ‘Iconic’ is word that is bandied around a little too freely in the music world. Whether used with reference to musicians or gear, it’s difficult to say whether someone or something truly deserves the accolade. The Roland… Read More

What’s New In Maschine 2.0?

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Native’s production workstation has been updated – so, what’s new in Maschine 2.0? The Native Instruments catalogue is stuffed with an embarrassment of riches these days. Undoubtedly, Maschine is one of its premium ranges, and one whose updates and developments are scrutinised in great detail. The hybrid hardware/ software production workstation has established itself as… Read More

Radical Piano and Radical Keys Offer with Reason


Buy Reason during November and December, and get £139 of Rack Extensions free! It seems that several of our suppliers are entering into the Christmas spirit early this year. The season of giving is expressing its generosity early, and providing offers to put a smile on everyone’s face. The good folk at Propellerhead in Sweden… Read More

Sample Import Added To Launchpad App

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Novation’s iOS armoury ‘grows up’ – sample import added to Launchpad app Novation and parent company Focusrite have been among the most active music tech brands in the world of iOS apps. Most recently, Novation released the Launchpad and Launchkey app, designed for use with the Launchkey controller. Whilst the Launchkey app is a very… Read More

Focusrite Tape App Launched

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The new Focusrite Tape app provides one of the most intuitive, elegant ways to record on an iPad, for free… In the past few years, the iPad has been fully embraced by the music world. No longer just a means of checking e-mails, surfing the net and playing angry birds, Apple’s tablet is now a… Read More

Logic Pro X Is Announced

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After the longest wait between updates, Logic Pro X is finally announced… They say good things come to those who wait, and Logic users have certainly waited longer than most. It’s four years since Logic Pro 9 launched, and in that time, the non-appearance of a successor has inspired, initially, puzzlement in users, but then… Read More

Roland Warranty Extended To 5 Years

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The Roland warranty has now been extended to a ludicrously long 5-years for authorised UK dealers! The term ‘reliable’ is one that gets bandied around a lot in all areas of life, but one that very few things live up to. Whether it’s the ‘reliable’ second hand car that breaks down in the middle of… Read More

Nord Sounds, Nord Beat Update – Ruddy Goodness Galore

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Clavia, with these new Nord sounds, and Nord Beat 2, you are really spoiling us… The sun is shining (unbelievably), the British Lions are champs, and Andy Murray won at Wimbledon – the feel-good factor here in the UK hasn’t been this high since, well… I guess since the Olympics last year, but it’s just… Read More