Studio Equipment, Instrument and DJ Gear Trends That Look Set To Stay

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The year 2013 is already shaping up to be a classic year for studio equipment, instruments and DJ tech – here are three emerging trends Every single year there are more and more amazing new music tech and recording products launched. Aside from being something to be happy about generally (well, if you love new… Read More

iOS 7 Features Inter-App Audio – What Does This mean?

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As it becomes clear that iOS 7 features inter-app audio, we take a look at what this might mean for musicians and DJs Inter app audio in iOS is a feature that has been talked about for months and months. Well, since it was first mooted ahead of the launch iOS 6, in fact- but… Read More

Roland Axial Synth Sound Library Launched

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The Roland Axial Synth Sound Library provides even more sonic ammunition for your Roland synth The strength of any synthesizer is in its sounds. Without a bank of excellent sounds to draw upon, your synth effectively has no voice. In addition, a good sound can get the creative juices flowing like nothing else, as you… Read More

Propellerhead Rebirth For iPhone ‘Retired’

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Propellerhead Rebirth for iPhone is discontinued – the Swedish brand wishes to focus on its ‘mobile music-making offering’ In a move that has surprised many, Propellerhead Rebirth for iPhone has been scheduled for ‘retirement’ on the 1st June. The app was Propellerhead’s first foray into the world of iOS, translating the legendary, and hugely influential… Read More

Giorgio Moroder DJs for the First Time With Ableton And Novation

Giorgio Moroder DJs For The First Time

Legendary producer and musician, Giorgio Moroder DJs for the first time at age 73 – With Ableton and Novation gear… He’s a legend in the world of music, and widely held to be one of the true pioneers of electronic dance music, thanks to his work with Donna Summer. But, remarkably for a man with… Read More

Native Releases Its DJ App For iPhone

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As Native Instruments Releases Its Traktor DJ App for iPhone, we ask, ‘is iOS DJing about to go stratospheric?’ There are few greater technological powers in the world of the DJ than Native Instruments. With Traktor, it has redefined what is possible from computer-based DJ tech. Earlier this year, it took step into another emerging… Read More

Is 2013 The Year Of The Analogue Synthesizer Renaissance?

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We’re barely a quarter of the way into 2013, and the analogue synthesizer is making its presence felt once again… Once upon a time, the analogue synthesizer was simply ‘the synthesizer’. Analogue technology was the only means of generating synthesized sound. Then, in the 80s, digital synthesis arrived, and provided a far more stable and… Read More

New Nord Products Set For Musikmesse 2013 Launch

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They promised a new synth, and now its here, along with more new Nord Products, too… Everybody’s favourite Swedish synth brand has treated us to a selection of new, red treats at Musikmesse 2013. With an all new synth, piano, drum module and drum trigger pad, they’re really spoiling us. Here’s a summary of the… Read More

New 2013 Roland Gear

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As Musikmesse 2013 approaches, a raft of new Roland gear has been unveiled… It’s that time again, and Musikmesse 2013 has brought a huge, enticing selection of new Roland gear. If you haven’t had a chance to look at the new 2013 selection of products, here’s a summary of some of the new toys you… Read More

iOS Apps That Expand The Functionality Of Your Gear

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iOS apps have taken over the musical world – here are five that add to the power of your gear The iOS app has made the iPhone and iPad a powerful tool for the musician, and with developers adding to the software arsenal every day, it is rapidly establishing itself as a serious musical platform…. Read More