Evolution Of DJ Technology

Traktor waveforms

DJ Technology has evolved beyond recognition over the last 50 years – here, we look at its history… Despite having a relatively short history, DJ technology has evolved beyond all recognition since the days that DJ gear first began to appear in the ‘60s. Here we take a look at how things have changed since… Read More

Review: Pioneer XDJ-R1

Pioneer XDJ-R1

A new all in one DJ unit with wireless technology – we put it though its paces in our Pioneer XDJ-R1 Review In the past ten years, the DJ world has been rapidly transformed by digital technology. It could be argued that this technological revolution was started in earnest by Japanese tech giants, Pioneer. It was… Read More

The Most Sampled Drum Breaks Ever

How to DJ

Sampled drum breaks have been the foundation of many modern genres of music – here are some of the most sampled Whilst they were once simply a drum solo in a performance or recording, drum breaks broke free of the tracks that contained them, and led charmed new lives in other tracks. How did this… Read More

Pioneer DJM-2000 Nexus Review

Pioneer DJ

We see how this new flagship mixer fares in our Pioneer DJM-2000 Nexus review The Pioneer DJM-2000 nexus has been unveiled, positioning itself as Pioneer’s new flagship DJ mixer. The third product to wear the ‘nexus’ moniker builds on the Pro DJ Link features of its predecessor, improves audio quality, channel faders, and more. Designed… Read More

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 Review


The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 extends the Traktor range with a combined mixer and controller The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 is here. Following a teaser video which was revealed a few weeks ago, Native has now revealed a combined premium mixer and Traktor controller which is likely to attract many admiring glances… The… Read More

CDJ 2000 Nexus Review

Pioneer DJ

Updating a DJ industry standard is risky – we see if Pioneer has improved a classic in our CDJ 2000 Nexus review There are some brands and products that become such a de-facto standard in their field that their names become interchangeable with every other product of its kind. Hoover and Tannoy are just such… Read More