Propellerhead Rack Extensions for Reason Announced

Propellerhead Rack Extensions

Propellerhead Reason users got a big reason to be cheerful yesterday, as Rack Extensions expandability was revealed

When Propellerhead Rack Extensions technology was revealed at a press conference yesterday, it was an announcement of a type that many thought would never happen. Reason will soon be expandable with additional virtual effects and devices. In typical Propellerhead fashion, however, it is not done in the way many would have expected. Rather than employ VST, AU or RTAS format plug-in integration, the Swedish software developer has created its own new technology, with the trademark flair and elegance for which it has long been renowned.

Third party Reason instruments and devices

Propellerhead Rack Extensions aims to address one of Reason’s oldest and biggest criticisms. Whilst Reason has a wide variety of sonic tools to play with, and these can added and re-added until the host computer has used up all available CPU resources, it cannot run third party plug-ins like VST, AU or RTAS based software packages can. This is now set to change.

Rack Extensions allows users to expand the Reason rack with devices developed by third party developers. Propellerhead has been very keen to stress that these are not plug-ins but are described as ‘full Reason rack citizens’. What this means in real terms, is that any Rack Extensions can be combined, routed and rewired in exactly the same way as any other Reason device: flip the rack and you’ll find a set of available connections for the purpose.

Propellerhead Rack Extensions

Propellerhead has also developed a convenient way of distributing Rack Extensions. A Rack Extension store will be unveiled online, and all available devices can be browsed here, or even tried for free before purchase. Once purchased, they can be downloaded as many times as is required, massively reducing the risk of incorrect purchases, and providing backup to prevent any system-crash related disasters.

Propellerhead Rack Extension technology is due to be included in the forthcoming upgrade, Reason 6.5. Those who purchase Reason 6, a Reason 6 upgrade, Reason Student/ Teacher or Reason upgrade from adapted/ essentials, will get an upgrade to Reason 6.5 for free. Call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420) for availability.

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