Richard Gere ‘s 1960 Gibson Les Paul Sells for £63,000!


1960 Gibson Les Paul owned by Richard GereA 1960 Gibson Les Paul owned by Richard Gere has sold for £63,000 at Auction

When it was announced recently that Richard Gere was to auction his huge vintage guitar collection, there were many instruments that attracted attention within it, not least of which, a 1960 Gibson Les Paul with Bigsby. The collection, which comprised 102 lots, read like a vintage guitar obsessive’s wish list, including several Gibson Les Pauls, a 1957 Fender Stratocaster, a 1966 Gibson Trini Lopez and a stunning, 1931 Martin D28. These, however, are just a few examples amongst what was an embarrassment of riches. Gere, talking of his collection, claimed he had never intended it to become a collection. He had simply bought guitars that he had liked over a period of many years.

The star of the auction, however, was the 1960 Gibson Les Paul, which sold for an astonishing £63,000. The guitar, serial number 0 0307, is a superb example of a Les Paul from, what was, the golden era of Les Pauls. In remarkable condition for a guitar of this age, it has a very faded (very vintage) sunburst finish, and a classic Bigsby tremolo bridge. It seems to display very little neck and body wear, and Gibson make aged and worn guitars now, that seem, well…, more aged and more worn than this beautiful Les Paul. It is true that there are far cheaper examples available, should you be happy with a non-vintage version. But as it becomes more and more difficult to buy a Gibson Les Paul of this age, never mind in this condition (and, of course, owned by a Hollywood star), I guess if you really want one, you pay whatever the auction decides!

And if you still think the price was a bit er… ‘spendy’, hey, it came complete with an equally vintage hard case! Bargain… For a more affordable range of Gibson Les Pauls, check our website or visit our stores. For more information call our customer service team (01925 582420). To stay up to date with the latest news and product announcements, subscribe to our newsletter (see above).

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