Steve Vai TonePrint Released By TC Electronic

A new, Steve Vai TonePrint from TC Electronic expands its online artist library

When TC Electronic launched its TonePrint concept, it promised not only expandability through freely downloadable additional tones and settings, but also that some renowned players would be contributing tones to those made available.

It’s fair to say that it delivered on that promise. Troy Van Leeuwan, Dave Stewart, Bumblefoot and countless others have added tones to the ‘pot’, providing not just an approximation of their tone, but the exact effects setting that they have created on their own gear.

Now, the guitar world’s demi-god has created a tone. The Steve Vai TonePrint can be played through TC’s excellent Arena reverb pedal, dubbed Ocean Machine, is available for download now.

TC Electronic Arena Reverb Effect Pedal

Big, spacious reverb, with just a pinch of chorus…

Steve caught up with TC’s Tor at The Harmony Hut to program his TonePrint. As you might imagine from a guitarist that cut his teeth with Frank Zappa, was taught by Joe Satriani, and has played with everyone from Whitesnake to Alice Cooper, and sold over Records across the world, he has a clear idea about what sort of guitar tone he wants.

In this case, he was searching for a big, spacious reverb with just a touch of chorus. And, with the TC Hall Of Fame as a platform, he already has a very broad palette to work with. This small, but beautifully formed pedal has ten reverb types, via stereo input and output, with simple Decay, Tone and FX level controls.

Steve Vai TonePrint - TC Electronic Toneprint Editor

A pre-delay control allows the user to increase the perceived size of the reverb at the flick of a switch too. Plus, you can always download extra tone settings for free (like the Steve Vai TonePrint, for example…)

To celebrate this very welcome addition to the TonePrint library, TC is offering the chance to win a Hall Of Fame signed by Vai. Just head over to the TC Facebook page and ‘like’. Simple, eh?

If you don’t win, well… er…(ahem!) did I mention that we have some for sale? You can find them here in our Online Store. Alternatively, give our stores or customer service team a call (01925 582420).

You’ll sound like Steve Vai before you know it. Well, at least your reverb will… 😉