Great Tools For Live Electronic Music Performance

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Live electronic music performance is no longer a case of just hitting ‘play’ – here are some great tools to help… Once upon a time, performing electronic music live was something of a task. Actually keeping a ‘live’ element was the main task, as was ensuring it wasn’t much more than Karaoke. The other problem… Read More

Review: Four Great Ableton Controllers

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The number of dedicated Ableton controllers is growing steadily – here are four of the best… It seems that there are more dedicated Ableton controllers than for any other DAW, these days. But, given its live performance credentials, it stands to reason that users would need ways to exploit it. With such a variety of… Read More

How Would You Use Envelopes in Ableton?

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The clip envelopes in Ableton contain great power – here’s how to use them… Live’s unique interface is loaded with flexible tools. The session view allows for live construction of tracks unlike any other DAW, providing electronic musicians with the ability to jam and perform with their music. The clip envelopes are one of the… Read More

What Are Scenes In Ableton?

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Mastering scenes in Ableton is the key to great live performances and improvised jams… When Ableton Live was launched, it was, as the name suggests, aimed at live performance of electronic music. The key to this was the session view. In this, each ‘channel’ had a series of clips slots, in which audio files could… Read More

Inspiration For Music – Four Bits Of Gear To Promote Fresh Ideas

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Getting inspiration for music is the trickiest thing about it, but there’s some great gear out there to get the ideas flowing… Getting into a musical rut is a depressingly easy thing to do. When you write, having some degree of routine is a positive thing generally, as you’re not waiting around for inspiration to… Read More

MIDI Editing In Ableton 9

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MIDI Editing in Ableton 9 was given a bevy of new features – here’s how some of them work… Ableton Live was originally designed to be a live performance tool, based around the use of audio clips. It did this (and continues to do this…) very successfully, with an audio engine that is revered for… Read More

Using Audio To MIDI in Ableton (And Stuff On Your Desk) To Create A Track

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Audio to MIDI in Ableton makes creating a track from nothing but a guitar and random stuff easy and fun When version 9 of Ableton was announced, one of the features that caught the attention of most users was the new audio to MIDI functionality. The idea of audio to MIDI is not entirely new-… Read More

Giorgio Moroder DJs for the First Time With Ableton And Novation

Giorgio Moroder DJs For The First Time

Legendary producer and musician, Giorgio Moroder DJs for the first time at age 73 – With Ableton and Novation gear… He’s a legend in the world of music, and widely held to be one of the true pioneers of electronic dance music, thanks to his work with Donna Summer. But, remarkably for a man with… Read More

New Features In Ableton Live 9 – Audio to MIDI

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Ableton Live 9 ‘s new suite of features includes powerful new Audio to MIDI functions… Ableton Live 9 has now launched, and its plethora of new features and functions are already causing a stir. Some of the biggest new additions to its toolset are the new audio to MIDI functions. Several DAWs have offered the… Read More

Ableton Countdown

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Three things you need to know about the new, Ableton Push Controller When Ableton Live 9 was revealed a few months ago, one of the most surprising aspects of the announcements was that its launch would go hand in hand with a new hardware controller, dubbed the Push controller. Ableton-specific controllers have been around for… Read More