Best Amplifiers For Indie

Broad strokes for a broad genre Indie, for better or worse, is one of those catch-all terms which seems to cover a disproportionately wide base of musical styles. From its spiritual heyday in the 1990s, through to the bands we see now, we could all point out an indie band but could we truly nail… Read More

Ultimate Rigs: Budget vs Pro

Best of the best for very different budgets It’s nice to dream, innit? It’s fun to imagine the havoc you could cause armed with a blank cheque and a bottomless pit of money to get rid of. Just think of all the cool stuff you could buy with a lottery-esque windfall behind you. The problem… Read More

Friday Feeling Playlist – The TGIF Rock Version!

21 of the best songs to get your weekend started There’s simply no other day like it. Friday. That wonderful day where we don’t really mind heading in to work because the weekend is a mere 8-ish hours away. It’s come down to the last hour of the day – all your documents are saved,… Read More

Best Budget Guitars And The Ultimate Upgrades

Squier to Fender, Epiphone to Gibson we discuss best beginner guitars and the ones you should consider when upgrading When most of us begin our musical journey, we start out with a cheaper, sometimes even hand-me-down version of the guitar we’ve seen our musical idols play – and there’s absolutely no shame in that whatsoever. Starting… Read More

How To Use The Effects Loop On Your Amp

What is an effects loop and how does it work? If you’ve been playing for as long as you can remember, using a myriad of amplifiers and pedals in your rig, then you’re probably pretty up to date with how each pedal interacts with each other and how to get the best pedal order to… Read More

7 Best Mini Amps You Can Take Anywhere

These mini amplifiers are perfect for those with limited space As all guitarists and bass players will understand, there’s nothing quite like plugging in to the loudest amp you can find and letting your guitar wail. However, your neighbours may disagree, especially if you decide to start busting out some serious riffage late at night…. Read More

5 Of The Best Guitar & Bass Amplifiers Of 2016

The amplifiers of 2016 that made us lose our heads… 2016 has been a great year so far for guitar amplifiers and we’re only half way through! Huge names in the industry have bestowed upon us some serious heavyweights in the amplifier world, including the Vox AV series, the Marshall CODE amps, Fender Bassbreakers and… Read More

5 of The Best Amps For Blues

Finding the best Blues amps for stage and studio As a blues player, you’ll understandably be looking for the best tone at all times. You’ve nailed your set up as far as guitars go and you’ve got your drive pedals ready so you can bust out Stevie Ray Vaughan style licks. You’ve even gone so far… Read More

Which is the best acoustic guitar amp for me?

An acoustic amplifier makes all the difference to your sound The acoustic amplifier can play a vital role in your performance, yet for some reason the use of an acoustic amplifier is an afterthought by even the most avid of guitarists. When you have an acoustic guitar with a pickup installed, often you’ll think just… Read More

Tube Vs Solid State Amps – Choosing The Best Guitar Amplifier For You

Know the difference between amps before you take one home When choosing amplifiers, not only will you have a huge variety of brands to consider, but you’ll also have to choose between a solid state or valve amp, with the added confusion of modelling amps and hybrids thrown in. But what do these labels mean, and which… Read More