5 of The Best Amps For Blues

Finding the best Blues amps for stage and studio As a blues player, you’ll understandably be looking for the best tone at all times. You’ve nailed your set up as far as guitars go and you’ve got your drive pedals ready so you can bust out Stevie Ray Vaughan style licks. You’ve even gone so far… Read More

Which is the best acoustic guitar amp for me?

An acoustic amplifier makes all the difference to your sound The acoustic amplifier can play a vital role in your performance, yet for some reason the use of an acoustic amplifier is an afterthought by even the most avid of guitarists. When you have an acoustic guitar with a pickup installed, often you’ll think just… Read More

Tube Vs Solid State Amps – Choosing The Best Guitar Amplifier For You

Know the difference between amps before you take one home When choosing amplifiers, not only will you have a huge variety of brands to consider, but you’ll also have to choose between a solid state or valve amp, with the added confusion of modelling amps and hybrids thrown in. But what do these labels mean, and which… Read More

High-End Amplifiers That Will Last a Lifetime

These amps will probably outlive you… When you buy a top quality guitar, whether it be an electric, acoustic or bass you’re making an investment; buying in to the craftsmanship and experience that goes along with that instrument. You want it to last a lifetime, so that 20 years down the line it looks, feels… Read More

5 Of The Best Amps For Small Gigs

Tiny tools for towering tone Guitarists are spoilt for choice when it comes to amps. There are amps for literally any size, style, specification or budget, so how do you choose the best one for you? Say, for example, you’re booked to play a show at a small local venue. Putting your ego to one… Read More

5 Great Combo Amps From 2015

Five of the best from 2015 The humble combination amplifier, or combo, is a vital tool for many guitarists, particularly those who don’t relish the thought of lugging separate amp heads and speaker cabs up and down flights of stairs as they travel from venue to venue. Combining the amp’s internal gubbins and its speaker… Read More

Best Guitar And Amp Combinations

Nail that sound with these classic combinations With so many different types of guitars, amplifiers, pedals and other gizmos, it can be hard to know where to start to get the sound you’re after. Sure, most modern equipment is reasonably versatile so you could, for example, get a passable metal sound from an old blues… Read More

Best Gear of 2014

A vintage year for non-vintage gear It’s always fun looking back over the past year and revisiting some of the exciting nuggets of musical innovation we’ve been offered over the past 12 months. And there has been some great gear for musicians to get stuck into too. For guitarists, the drive has been to shrink… Read More

The 4 Cable Method Guide and Benefits

Looking for a way to make your Multi-FX and Amp sing? Here’s our definitive guide to the Mythical 4 cable method. What is it? Quite simply, it’s a method of using 4 guitar cables to hook up your Multi FX such as a BOSS GT100 or a Line 6 POD HD 500 to your amplifier…. Read More

Three Great Tube Practice Amps

Valves are no longer the preserve of the well heeled – here are three great tube practice amps to prove it Once upon a time all guitar amps were valve amps. Then, as electronics advanced, components became smaller, lighter and more reliable, so guitarists were happier, right? Well, not quite… The problem was that the… Read More