What Is The Difference Between Modelling Amps And Other Types?

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With solid-state, modelling and valve tech all available, you may wonder ‘what is the difference between modelling amps and other types?’ Until fairly recently, the guitar amps only really offered two different technologies to create their tone: solid state and valve. Then, a new, computer powered addition joined the fray: modelling technology. Each of these… Read More

Valve Guitar Amp Models That Won’t Break The Bank

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No longer the preserve of the well heeled, a valve guitar amp can be surprisingly affordable these days… When you’re aiming to get the best guitar tone possible, one piece of equipment always seems to figure- a valve guitar amp. Producing tone with legendary rich tone, and astonishing dynamic performance, there really is no substitute… Read More

Blackstar Go Metal

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Blackstar products have long been a favourite of Metal guitarists, and fans of rock’s darker side will relish this new range… Fast rising UK amp brand, Blackstar, are a very industrious bunch. The brand has only been in existence since 2007, and already its products are supplying the tone for the likes of James Dean… Read More

Yamaha THR10X, THR10C and THR5A Guitar Amps Unveiled

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The excellent THR range expands, with the Yamaha THR10X, THR10C and THR5A The jaw-droppingly good THR range of guitar amps is set to expand with three new models: the Yamaha THR10X, the Yamaha THR10C and the Yamaha THR5A. The THR’s were one of last year’s big surprises. The fact that this was another great bit… Read More

TC Electronic BH250 Review

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Toneprint versatility in a ludicrously light bass amp head – We take a look in our TC Electronic BH250 Review The TC Electronic BH250 bass amp head continues the integration of its groundbreaking Toneprint technology into its amp range, the first of these being the BG250 combo. This new model, however, packs the technology into a… Read More

Blackstar HT-5R Combo – Big Valve Tone in a Small Box

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The Blackstar HT-5R combo is small but beautiful, loud and with plenty character, just like Britain really The Blackstar HT-5R combo is one of the critically acclaimed models from the British guitar amp new kids. I say ‘new kids’, but as the company’s team consists largely of ex-Marshall employees, they could hardly be described as… Read More

Orange Amps now in Stock at Reading

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The legendary Orange amps are back in store at Dawsons Reading! Orange amps are yet another manufacturer that seems to demonstrate the UK’s uncanny knack of producing World-class amplifiers. And, in that select group, there are few as internationally respected as Orange, and fewer still as instantly recognisable. Clifford Cooper founded the British brand was,… Read More

Blackstar ID Series – Overview

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The Blackstar ID Series of guitar amps offer incredible tonal flexibility, with new LOUD as Valve technology The Blackstar ID Series of guitar amps has been announced. This new range of amplifiers was described by Blackstar as the ‘biggest ever’ product launch the company has ever made. Now that the veil has been removed, what… Read More

Vox Amps Documentary

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A documentary about Vox Amps is due to shown on the BBC Vox Amps are legendary among guitarists the globally. First appearing in the early 1960s, they have since gone on to become an iconic piece of musical equipment. The Vox AC30 has been favoured by the likes of the Beatles, Brian May the Rolling… Read More

My Chemical Romance’s Frank Iero’s Orange Amp Rig

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Frank Iero gives a mini tour of his Orange amps and live rig Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance has been no stranger to this blog of late, his signature guitar (the Epiphone Wilshire Phant-o-matic) having caused quite a stir upon its announcement. The guitarist is also an endorsee of Orange amps, and Orange have… Read More