Must Have Vintage Inspired Gear

Must Have Vintage Gear

A trip down music gear memory lane The world of musical instruments is quite odd really. In what other walk of life is there equal lusting after equipment which is cutting edge modern, and gear which would look at home 100 years ago? On one hand, there are the progressive types who want all their tools to… Read More

The 4 Cable Method Guide and Benefits

FX Loop

Looking for a way to make your Multi-FX and Amp sing? Here’s our definitive guide to the Mythical 4 cable method. What is it? Quite simply, it’s a method of using 4 guitar cables to hook up your Multi FX such as a BOSS GT100 or a Line 6 POD HD 500 to your amplifier…. Read More

Three Great Tube Practice Amps

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Valves are no longer the preserve of the well heeled – here are three great tube practice amps to prove it Once upon a time all guitar amps were valve amps. Then, as electronics advanced, components became smaller, lighter and more reliable, so guitarists were happier, right? Well, not quite… The problem was that the… Read More

What Is The Difference Between Modelling Amps And Other Types?

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With solid-state, modelling and valve tech all available, you may wonder ‘what is the difference between modelling amps and other types?’ Until fairly recently, the guitar amps only really offered two different technologies to create their tone: solid state and valve. Then, a new, computer powered addition joined the fray: modelling technology. Each of these… Read More

Valve Guitar Amp Models That Won’t Break The Bank

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No longer the preserve of the well heeled, a valve guitar amp can be surprisingly affordable these days… When you’re aiming to get the best guitar tone possible, one piece of equipment always seems to figure- a valve guitar amp. Producing tone with legendary rich tone, and astonishing dynamic performance, there really is no substitute… Read More

The Practice Amp – 5 Of The Best

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Every guitarist is likely to need a practice amp at some point, so here’s a guide to 5 of the best: Sadly, practicing playing the guitar through a full stack, or mighty valve combo is not a practical option for most players, and so a practice amp is the only option. For the uninitiated, the… Read More

Why Would You Want A Valve Amp?

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Valve amps are widely held to be the foundation of great electric guitar tone, but why would you want one? If you’re a beginner guitarist, or just a guitarist who tends to just play without getting too embroiled in debates about gear, you might have noticed that the vast majority of your favourite players ply… Read More

Yamaha Amps – Which THR Guitar Amp Is For You?

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There’s and impressive range of Yamaha amps available in the form of the THR series, and here’s a mini guide to the range… Yamaha amps became a major talking point when the THR series was launched last year. Billed as ‘your third amp’ upon launch, the range combines several different Yamaha technologies into a retro… Read More

Vox AC30 – Best of British

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A mini guide to the Vox AC30, a Musical Icon loved the all over the World The Vox AC30 guitar amp is one of those bits of gear that seems as though it has always been there. First released in 1958, the AC30 ‘s distinctive cloth fronted cabinet and gold badge are instantly recognisable. Here… Read More

Marshall Amplification Approaches 50th Birthday

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Marshall Amplification is nearly 50 Years Old! Marshall Amplification is one of the most iconic brands in the world of popular music. Providing the backdrop to countless stages across the World, the Marshall cabinet is almost as much a part of rock ‘n’ roll’s rich history as the Fender Telecaster or Gibson Les Paul. In… Read More