Boss Tone Central and Tone Studio

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Going deep with Boss’ new editor/librarian software With its penchant for valves, magnets and other generations-old technologies, the guitar world has always eyed newer, modern tools with more than a hint of suspicion. Like an iPhone user walking into a Nokia 3210 fan club meeting, there’s always been an air of “that’s not how we… Read More

New Gear from BOSS


Ground-breaking new technology and some updated classics, 2014 has been a great year to be a BOSS. New Boss GP-10 Guitar Processor 2014 has seen some ground-breaking new products from BOSS and some incredible upgrades to some classics too, with the addition of BOSS compacts such as the DS-1X et al. For my money, the… Read More

Musikmesse 2014 – Our Top Picks

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Every year the Musikmesse show in Frankfurt brings us new pieces of gear from every corner of the musical equipment world. This year the show promised a lot and has given us even more with huge releases from Roland, Boss, Akai, Korg and plenty of other suppliers. Check out our top picks below and make… Read More

In Utero Is Twenty – We Take A Look At Kurt’s Gear

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Unbelievably, Nirvana’s In Utero is Twenty years old – in recognition, we look at Kurt Cobain’s Gear Nirvana’s 3rd album, ‘In Utero’ is twenty years old in a few months time. Though ‘Nevermind’ is Nirvana’s best known work, it could be argued that ‘In Utero’, the band’s final studio recording, is the album that has… Read More

The Multitrack Recorder – 5 Reasons To Use One…

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The Multitrack Recorder reminds me a bit of Mark Twain… Back in 1897, the New York Journal incorrectly reported that the American author had died. In response, Twain published a response that stated wryly, ‘The report of my death was an exaggeration’. The multitrack recorder has been the victim of a similarly premature death-knell for… Read More

Five Guitar Multi FX Units To Supercharge Your Tone

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If you’re looking for some tonal inspiration, a guitar multi FX unit can a great solution – here are 5 great choices You know how it is- you have a great sounding guitar, and a great amp, but somehow, you fell in need of a bit of sonic inspiration. Perhaps it’s a bit like having… Read More

New 2013 Roland Gear

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As Musikmesse 2013 approaches, a raft of new Roland gear has been unveiled… It’s that time again, and Musikmesse 2013 has brought a huge, enticing selection of new Roland gear. If you haven’t had a chance to look at the new 2013 selection of products, here’s a summary of some of the new toys you… Read More

Review: Boss RC-505 Loop Station

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Now non-guitarists have a dedicated Loop Station – We take a look at the Boss RC-505 Musical history is littered with examples of gear being used in ways that it wasn’t intended, and changing the musical landscape as a result. Damaged amps and torn speaker cloths resulted in distorted guitar tones, the Roland TB-303 Bass… Read More

Five Great Reverb Pedals

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If you want to add some classic ambience to your guitar tone, take a look at these five great reverb pedals Look at the pedal boards of the vast majority of great guitarists, and reverb pedals will feature in some shape or form. This effect is pretty much essential for adding a bit of ‘ambience’… Read More

5 Great Delay Pedal Choices

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A great delay pedal is an essential of any guitar effects board – here are 5 great current models A good delay pedal is an incredibly versatile addition to your effects arsenal. From simple slapbacks, to complex panning delays, to dub-style feedback loops and crazy modulation-type effects, the delay can add huge amounts to your… Read More