BOSS RV-6 Review

Classy new reverb pedal promises ambience aplenty BOSS has released a brand new iteration of what is, certainly in our eyes, a classic stomper. The BOSS RV-6 takes the already excellent RV-5 reverb pedal and propels it toward new frontiers of textural sonic adventure. The RV-5 offered six of BOSS’ lush reverbs in a stereo effects pedal. The included reverb types were… Read More

Boss RC-1 Review

Compact pedal offers great introduction to looping As far as pedal revolutions go, looping takes some beating. There are pedals of all shapes and sizes, which offer all kinds of added functionality and effects. Yet there has also been a wild simplification of the looper, which has resulted in pedals like the TC Electronic Ditto… Read More

Expand Your Tone With Footswitches

Pedal to the metal Guitarists have never had it so good. No matter what style you play, how you use your gear or what budget you run to, there is proper quality out there for everyone. As pedal manufacturers further expand their ranges into the nano/micro realm, there is now more choice and a smaller… Read More

Boss GT-001 Review

Lowdown on Boss’ box of desktop tricks The guitar world is changing. On one hand, you have the players who swear by the time-honoured tradition of plugging a guitar into a box which makes things very loud. Relationships with computer-based guitar trickery range from ‘handy to have, but I’ll stick to my proper amp’, through… Read More

BOSS Goes Old School With Its New WAZA Pedals

The Waza Craft Series promises all Analog components and premium sound quality, so what’s the story? The new BOSS Waza Craft pedals have just been announced with 3 new compacts kicking off the series. Old favourites such as the BD-2 Blues Driver and the DM-2 Delay have been given the “WAZA” treatment and promise to… Read More

Boss Tone Central and Tone Studio

Going deep with Boss’ new editor/librarian software With its penchant for valves, magnets and other generations-old technologies, the guitar world has always eyed newer, modern tools with more than a hint of suspicion. Like an iPhone user walking into a Nokia 3210 fan club meeting, there’s sometimes been an air of “that’s not how we… Read More

New Gear from BOSS

Ground-breaking new technology and some updated classics, 2014 has been a great year to be a BOSS. New Boss GP-10 Guitar Processor 2014 has seen some ground-breaking new products from BOSS and some incredible upgrades to some classics too, with the addition of BOSS compacts such as the DS-1X et al. For my money, the… Read More

Musikmesse 2014 – Our Top Picks

Every year the Musikmesse show in Frankfurt brings us new pieces of gear from every corner of the musical equipment world. This year the show promised a lot and has given us even more with huge releases from Roland, Boss, Akai, Korg and plenty of other suppliers. Check out our top picks below and make… Read More

In Utero Is Twenty – We Take A Look At Kurt’s Gear

Unbelievably, Nirvana’s In Utero is Twenty years old – in recognition, we look at Kurt Cobain’s Gear Nirvana’s 3rd album, ‘In Utero’ is twenty years old in a few months time. Though ‘Nevermind’ is Nirvana’s best known work, it could be argued that ‘In Utero’, the band’s final studio recording, is the album that has… Read More

The Multitrack Recorder – 5 Reasons To Use One…

The Multitrack Recorder reminds me a bit of Mark Twain… Back in 1897, the New York Journal incorrectly reported that the American author had died. In response, Twain published a response that stated wryly, ‘The report of my death was an exaggeration’. The multitrack recorder has been the victim of a similarly premature death-knell for… Read More