Drumming World Record Broken

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A team of drummers break the marathon drumming world record It would be fair to say that some instruments are more physically demanding to play than others. Wind instruments, for example, will often push your lung capacity to its limits, particularly in the case of solo brass instruments, like trumpets. There are some world instruments… Read More

Noel Gallagher Blasts Uncharitable ‘Middle Class’ Bands

Teenage Cancer Trust

Noel Gallagher berates ‘middle class’ bands that declined to be part of the Teenage Cancer Trust Gigs – Is he fair? Noel Gallagher has never been pegged as a man to mince his words, particularly when it comes to music. Most recently, Muse drummer Dominic Howard was the subject of his vitriol, for using an… Read More

Album for CALM Curated By Dirty Freud

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Our guest DJ diarist, Dirty Freud, has been busy curating an album for the CALM charity featuring The Strokes and many more top acts… You might gather from his posts that our guest DJ blogger, Dirty Freud is a very busy chap, but in recent months he’s been involved with a particularly worthy cause: curating… Read More

Cash for Kids Auction Raises £38k

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The Radio City Cash for Kids Auction Raised £38k, with a little help from Dawsons Liverpool… The Cash for Kids charity, started by Liverpool’s Radio City is one that focuses its resources on the disadvantaged and disabled kids from within the Liverpool area. Raising money to help those living in poverty, with mental, physical or… Read More

Dawsons Liverpool Help to Raise Cash For Kids

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Dawsons Liverpool and a whole host of celebs help radio City’s Cash For Kids charity We like to think we try to do our bit for charity, here at Dawsons, and the guys at Dawsons Liverpool are no exception in this regard. Radio City’s charity, Cash for Kids, is a cause that the Liverpool team… Read More

Child Line Rocks Guitar Challenge – Be Part of a Guinness World Record Attempt

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Child line Rocks is gathering 7000 guitarists for 4 record attempts, and you could be one of them… There are gigs where you spend hours packing the bands gear, then unpacking it at the other end, playing an amazing gig, then packing up and driving home. Then, when the money is split 5-ways, it’s generally… Read More