Best Gear of 2014


A vintage year for non-vintage gear It’s always fun looking back over the past year and revisiting some of the exciting nuggets of musical innovation we’ve been offered over the past 12 months. And there has been some great gear for musicians to get stuck into too. For guitarists, the drive has been to shrink… Read More

What Is A Drum Trigger?

Roland V Drum Kit

In this age of digital drums, they seem to be everywhere – but what is a drum trigger? The age of the digital drum is undoubtedly upon us. These days, however, many drummers use a mixture of real drums and digital drum sounds. How do they do it? Well, it’s all down to drum triggers…. Read More

Great Gifts For Drummers And Percussionists


What do you buy the tub-thumper who has everything? Here are some great gifts for drummers and percussionists… Drummers, like most musicians, suffer from GAS (gear acquisition syndrome). So, whilst it might seem that they will be difficult to buy Christmas gifts for, if you indulge their love of drum related, er… stuff, then can’t… Read More

Upgrading Digital Drum Kits

Roland V Drum Kit

There are many ways of upgrading digital drum kits for added power and flexibility – here are four… Electronic drums have taken over the percussion world, it would seem. Due to their low noise and practical nature, a digital kit has become the first choice for beginners. You might think that, unlike acoustic drums where… Read More

How Do Electronic Drums Work?


If you’re a beginner, or ‘crossing over to the dark side’, you might wonder, how do electronic drums work? – Here’s how… The digital revolution has transformed the world of musical instruments. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of electronic drums. Nowadays, the digital drum kit has become the beginners’ first choice… Read More

5 Great Upgrades To A Beginner Drum Kit


There are some easy ways to give a beginner drum kit a new lease of life – here are 5 of the best There are some great acoustic beginner drum kit models now available. Often, however, to keep the price low, some compromises have to be made. For a beginner, these need not be an… Read More

Replace Pots and Pans with a Digital Drum Kit This Christmas

Roland V-Drum Kit

If someone in your life is hitting the pots and pans in your house like this guy, why not give them a digital drum kit? There are many people who have argued the case for a having a digital drum kit in their life, and many who have demonstrated their ‘natural ability’ by hitting a… Read More

What is Roland SuperNATURAL technology?

Piano keys

Roland SuperNATURAL technology has crept into many of its latest products, but what does it do? The Roland SuperNATURAL sound technology has gone from being a feature of its flagship digital pianos and synthesisers, to being a key feature of many of its most recent V-Drum kits, entry level pianos and much more besides. I… Read More

Reading Drum Lessons

Dawsons Logo

Drum Encounters – Drum Lessons For Ages 8+ Drum Encounters is a fun and innovative way to learn and play drums, designed to take the student from beginner to an advanced level. Open to anyone from the age of eight, Drum Encounters is ideal for those seriously considering a musical career and also for those… Read More

Beginners Guide to Buying Drums and Drum Kits

Roland V Drum Kit

Buying your first drum kit is not as hard as it may seem at first. Drum kits can essentially be split in to two types: acoustic and electronic. Acoustic drum kits come in a range of brands, sizes and colours, but normally consist of a bass drum, a snare drum, up to three tom toms… Read More