What Is A Drum Trigger?


In this age of digital drums, they seem to be everywhere – but what is a drum trigger? The age of the digital drum is undoubtedly upon us. These days, however, many drummers use a mixture of real drums and digital drum sounds. How do they do it? Well, it’s all down to drum triggers…. Read More

Review: Alesis DM6 USB

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Affordable digital drums are everywhere –  we check out one of the latest in our Alesis DM6 USB Review It wasn’t too long ago that digital drums were for drummers with deep pockets and a more experimental bent. As with all technology, prices have tumbled over the years, and as a result, the electronic kit… Read More

Nord Sounds, Nord Beat Update – Ruddy Goodness Galore

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Clavia, with these new Nord sounds, and Nord Beat 2, you are really spoiling us… The sun is shining (unbelievably), the British Lions are champs, and Andy Murray won at Wimbledon – the feel-good factor here in the UK hasn’t been this high since, well… I guess since the Olympics last year, but it’s just… Read More

Drum Practice Aids

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The key to good drum practice is making it fun and convenient – here are some tools to do just that Drum practice can seem like a bit of a chore, at times. Like practicing all musical instruments, making it fun and ensuring that it fits into your life easily is key to making seem… Read More

A Brief History Of The Electronic Drum

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The electronic drum has evolved to become the beginners’ choice for many – here are 5 landmarks in its development Synthesizer technology has grown in many directions, and revolutionised many areas of the musical instrument world, from pianos to wind instruments. The electronic drum is one instrument that has seen the greatest development, in this… Read More

Upgrading Digital Drum Kits

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There are many ways of upgrading digital drum kits for added power and flexibility – here are four… Electronic drums have taken over the percussion world, it would seem. Due to their low noise and practical nature, a digital kit has become the first choice for beginners. You might think that, unlike acoustic drums where… Read More

How Do Electronic Drums Work?

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If you’re a beginner, or ‘crossing over to the dark side’, you might wonder, how do electronic drums work? – Here’s how… The digital revolution has transformed the world of musical instruments. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of electronic drums. Nowadays, the digital drum kit has become the beginners’ first choice… Read More

New Nord Products Set For Musikmesse 2013 Launch

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They promised a new synth, and now its here, along with more new Nord Products, too… Everybody’s favourite Swedish synth brand has treated us to a selection of new, red treats at Musikmesse 2013. With an all new synth, piano, drum module and drum trigger pad, they’re really spoiling us. Here’s a summary of the… Read More

Korg Digital Drum Concept Updated

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The Korg digital drum range may be small, but it’s unlike anything available, and now it’s more powerful than ever… There are only a few models in the Korg digital drum range, but each one is packed with the kind innovative technology that puts a great big smile on your face. The Wavedrum range was… Read More

Replace Pots and Pans with a Digital Drum Kit This Christmas

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If someone in your life is hitting the pots and pans in your house like this guy, why not give them a digital drum kit? There are many people who have argued the case for a having a digital drum kit in their life, and many who have demonstrated their ‘natural ability’ by hitting a… Read More