10 Of The Best Hollow Body Guitars

Ten great semi-acoustics to tempt you You could say hollow body guitars are the pessimism/optimism dilemma of the guitar world. Is it an electric? An acoustic? Both? Neither?! However you see it, semi-acoustic guitars have cemented their place in guitar folklore thanks to their versatility across a number of styles. From their iconic big-body looks to their… Read More

Best Guitar And Amp Combinations

Nail that sound with these classic combinations With so many different types of guitars, amplifiers, pedals and other gizmos, it can be hard to know where to start to get the sound you’re after. Sure, most modern equipment is reasonably versatile so you could, for example, get a passable metal sound from an old blues… Read More

Gibson 2016 – Strongest Line Up Yet?

Big G returns with plenty to talk about Gibson has announced the full line up for its 2016, and there are a few changes to talk about. Rightly or wrongly, the 2015 range was perhaps less favourably received than it would have hoped for. Take a look on any of the prominent guitar forums or… Read More

Who Exactly Are Farida Guitars?

Guitar brand growing all the time Farida Guitars are a unique thing in the world of musical instruments, having spent almost a decade going under the radar, so to speak. To use an analogy, consider the recording artist who slowly but surely builds up a dedicated fanbase without resorting to stunts or wacky marketing campaigns. You… Read More

Which 2016 Gibson Les Paul Is Best For You?

Back to basics for 2016 range The jury probably remains out over Gibson’s bold decision to equip each and every guitar in its 2015 range with G-Force, its controversial (in the guitar world, at least) electronic tuning device. Critics felt this was too radical for the previously conservative company, in the conservative world of guitars,… Read More

Electric Guitar Buying Guide

Updated November 25, 2015 Let’s start from the beginning… The road to guitar mastery can at first seem daunting. So many different styles, shapes and sizes of guitars, all vying for your attention and the chance to make your wallet lighter. But, as with anything, the options can seem clearer if you simply filter out… Read More

Best Electric Guitars Under £250

Starter guitars for every taste and style The sub-£250 price bracket is chock full of quite wonderful guitars to suit any player. From entry-level versions of the traditional big-hitters, through to more considered variations not replicated further up the range, there are rich pickings to be had. It’s not all cheap and cheerful either. The… Read More

How To Create Ambient Guitar Sounds

Creating atmospheric textures using just your guitar (and a few pedals…) Everyone knows guitars do ‘loud’ very well. We’ve all seen, heard and witnessed the power of an electric guitar playing through an enormous stack of amplifiers, and our ringing eardrums will bear testament to the fact that guitars are indeed very good at being… Read More

Guitars To Give You GAS

Updated November 25, 2015 Riding the winds of change A lot of guitarists complain of gas. More so than players of any other instrument. We’re referring of course to Gear Acquisition Syndrome, i.e. the constant, unrelenting quest to accumulate ever more piles of interesting, unique and often quite expensive bits of kit with which to… Read More

Best Gear of 2014

A vintage year for non-vintage gear It’s always fun looking back over the past year and revisiting some of the exciting nuggets of musical innovation we’ve been offered over the past 12 months. And there has been some great gear for musicians to get stuck into too. For guitarists, the drive has been to shrink… Read More