Five Great 2014 Gibson Models

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It’s that time of year when suppliers refresh their range – Here are five great 2014 Gibson models to whet your appetite Once the excitement of Xmas and New Year has subsided, you’d be forgiven for feeling a bit flat. Thankfully, the NAMM 2014 show arrives at the end of January, with a whole host… Read More

Guitar Tech Explained

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Recently, there’s been an increase in the number of guitar tech loaded instruments – here’s what it all means… Guitarists can a pretty traditional bunch when it comes to technology. It wasn’t too long ago that electric guitars were looked upon as ‘toys’ compared to their acoustic counterparts. Since then everything from effects, to guitars… Read More

Weird And Wonderful Guitarists Presents

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Buying for a tricky guitar player? Here’s a guide to weird and wonderful guitarists presents for the player who has everything… Musicians tend to develop a condition known as G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome) over time. They indulge their love of music by buying it endless gifts of music gear… As a result, you often find… Read More

Four Great Guitars With Bigsby Vibrato Bridges

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It turns a regular ‘run-around’ into a chrome-laden Cadillac – here are four great guitars with Bigsby vibrato bridges There are some things whose style seems to defy the passing of time. The Bigsby vibrato is one such piece of design. It certainly screams ‘vintage’, but it has the kind of classic looks you’d expect… Read More

Three Great Self Tuning Guitars

Three Great Self Tuning Guitars

The idea of self tuning guitars seems like ‘magic’, although they exist – here are three great examples There is a theory that ‘magic’ is simply ‘unexplained science’. If something extraordinary happens for which there is no explanation, to many, it seems to be something that is paranormal. For guitarists, the idea of a guitar… Read More

Four Great Tube Practice Amps

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Valves are no longer the preserve of the well heeled – here are four great tube practice amps to prove it Once upon a time all guitar amps were valve amps. Then, as electronics advanced, components became smaller, lighter and more reliable, so guitarists were happier, right? Well, not quite… The problem was that the… Read More

What Is True Bypass On Guitar Pedals?

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It’s often pitched as a selling point, but exactly what is true bypass? If you read guitar magazines, then you’ll no doubt be aware of many opposing stances regarding gear. String gauges, fretboard material, valve types… you name it, and guitarists will debate it. In several circumstances, these arguments take place based on information gleaned… Read More

Win A Farida Sam Halliday In NME

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You could win a limited edition Farida Sam Halliday guitar in this week’s NME! You might have already gathered that The Vaccines’ Freddie Cowan is pretty pleased with his Farida Signature mode, the GNA TV. He’s been playing it extensively since he received it earlier this year, including during the band’s blistering set at Glastonbury… Read More

Best Distortion Pedal – The Good, The Bad and The Filthy

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From pop to metal, everyone needs distortion – we take a gander at some of the best distortion pedal models around Distortion and overdrive has evolved over the decades from something to be avoided in guitar tone, to something that is practically a requirement. If you play an electric guitar, there is every possibility that… Read More

New Wombats Single – ‘Your Body Is A Weapon’

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There’s a new Wombats single coming imminently, and to celebrate, you can get a Farida Wombats at a great price! An all new Wombats single was announced last week, the first new material from the Liverpool band since 2011’s ‘A Modern Glitch’. ‘Your Body Is A Weapon’ is set for release on the 2nd October,… Read More