Friday Feeling Playlist – The TGIF Rock Version!

21 of the best songs to get your weekend started There’s simply no other day like it. Friday. That wonderful day where we don’t really mind heading in to work because the weekend is a mere 8-ish hours away. It’s come down to the last hour of the day – all your documents are saved,… Read More

Perfect Partnerships – Gibson Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Marshall

A once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of history When it comes to guitar and amp relationships, the combination of Gibson Les Paul guitars and Marshall amplifiers is an unbeatable match made in tone heaven. When Jim Marshall placed his name on the very first JTM45 head back in 1962, it was… Read More

How Do Coil Tap & Split Coil Pickups Work?

Coil Tap vs Coil Split – we clear up the differences In the world of guitars there are many popular myths. Mistruths, wrapped up in half-baked theories, often presented with absolute certainty. Music is, as we know, entirely subjective. Conversations around what is the ‘best’ guitar, for example, are largely moot. However there are certain ambiguous subjects… Read More

The Best Guitars For Rock: 6 Great Options

From stage to studio – we look at some of the best rock guitars You’ve got your favourite guitar heroes and you’ve got your style of music, and in this case it’s ROCK! Whether your favourite band is the Foo Fighters, or AC/DC, you love to air guitar to Zeppelin or Queens of the Stone… Read More

Best Budget Guitars And The Ultimate Upgrades

Squier to Fender, Epiphone to Gibson we discuss best beginner guitars and the ones you should consider when upgrading When most of us begin our musical journey, we start out with a cheaper, sometimes even hand-me-down version of the guitar we’ve seen our musical idols play – and there’s absolutely no shame in that whatsoever. Starting… Read More

9 Favourites From The New Ibanez Collection

Essential guitars from the 2016 Spot Run range 2016 has been a remarkable year for lovers of high quality, and of course, highly limited guitars with some epic products being revealed as part of the Ibanez Spot Run series. Now we usually do these blogs in a top 5 sort of scenario, but there were… Read More

The ultimate guitar quiz. The results are in!

 Guitar heroes, hand cramps and evolving guitars In April 2016 we asked all of our social media followers to offer their opinion on all things guitar and amazingly hundreds of you replied, stating who your favourite guitarist is, how you prefer to shop and the real reasons why we all don’t practice as much as… Read More

The Top Five 7-String Guitars from £200 – £750

Updated 8/7/16 A beginners guide to the 7 string guitar The 7 string guitar can often be looked at by guitarists, especially those like me, who have only ever played a 6 string as something of an anomaly, something to be looked at but never touched for fear that we embarrass ourselves on it, only… Read More

Humbuckers VS Single Coil pickups – A Beginners Guide

We guide you through the differences between Single Coil and Humbucker pickups A question beginners will often ask us here at Dawsons, is “What’s the difference between humbucker pickups and single coil pickups?”, so we thought we’d address the differences whilst offering a little history about each style and the type of musicians who might… Read More

Which Fretboard Wood Should I Choose?

How do different woods really make a difference? Though it’s easy to take for granted, all the different woods that make up your guitar have been partnered together for specific reasons. The fretboard wood, for example, can certainly make a difference to the of tone of an instrument, and some woods can suit certain players and styles… Read More