The ultimate guitar quiz. The results are in!

 Guitar heroes, hand cramps and evolving guitars In April 2016 we asked all of our social media followers to offer their opinion on all things guitar and amazingly hundreds of you replied, stating who your favourite guitarist is, how you prefer to shop and the real reasons why we all don’t practice as much as… Read More

The Top Five 7-String Guitars from £200 – £750

A beginners guide to the 7 string guitar The 7 string guitar can often be looked at by guitarists, especially those like me, who have only ever played a 6 string as something of an anomaly, something to be looked at but never touched for fear that we embarrass ourselves on it, only to be… Read More

Humbuckers VS Single Coil pickups – A Beginners Guide

We guide you through the differences between Single Coil and Humbucker pickups A question beginners will often ask us here at Dawsons, is “What’s the difference between humbucker pickups and single coil pickups?”, so we thought we’d address the differences whilst offering a little history about each style and the type of musicians who might… Read More

Which Fretboard Wood Should I Choose?

How do different woods really make a difference? Though it’s easy to take for granted, all the different woods that make up your guitar have been partnered together for specific reasons. The fretboard wood, for example, can certainly make a difference to the of tone of an instrument, and some woods can suit certain players and styles… Read More

How To Tour A Band On A Budget

How To Save Money Before You Hit The Road Touring for the first time is an exciting experience, and something that not every band gets to do. If you and your band mates have pooled all your money together and you’re about to embark on your first tour, congratulations, you’ve just decided to make your… Read More

A Brief History Of David Bowie’s Guitarists

Star men for the Starman 2016 marks the return of one of music’s best known and most celebrated individuals. By the time you read this article David Robert Jones (David Bowie to you and I) will have released his 25th studio album, Blackstar. You may have seen it mentioned on the news. There’s a video… Read More

Best Left Handed Guitars For Beginners

Six of the best southpaw guitars for learners Left handed people in most walks of life have got it hard. Accounting for only 10 per cent of the world’s population, lefties constantly face the challenge of finding the necessary tools to tackle tasks in a predominantly right handed world. This is particularly true for guitarists. Right-handers… Read More

New Ibanez Guitars For 2016

5 great guitars from the new Ibanez range Ibanez has today announced an incredibly varied lineup of new guitars for 2016, including a vast array of electric, acoustic, bass and left-handed models. Amongst the lineup there are fanned frets, sexy signatures, and even the return of a legend. Though we can’t cover them all, below we take… Read More

Five Best Jazz Guitars

Classic jazz sounds from five smooth guitars Jazz guitars are big bodied, often semi-acoustic, and designed to coax out some wonderfully rich, warm tones. Historically jazz was played on acoustic guitars, however in the days before amplification the guitar often became lost in the mix of the big band sound so the introduction of arch… Read More

‘I’d have my old Tone Master back!’ Lonely The Brave Guitarist Mark Trotter Interview

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year and a half, you’ll have heard of Lonely The Brave. Amidst Radio 1 A-list plays, storming festival sets and sold out tours, the Cambridge 5 piece have been solidifying their place in the halls of UK rock royalty. Since 2009, slowly but surely, LTB… Read More